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Nov 5 2017

How Much Is My Car Worth? Compare offers with #car #wraps

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How Much Is My Car Worth?


Are you thinking  how much is my car worth? or where can I go to for a reliable car price guide and valuation?

well a car valuation can be surprisingly tricky, though it always comes down to the simple matter of – How much will someone pay for it?  .

At all of our dealers are professional car buyers, with access to the very latest car valuation data provided by the likes of Glass’s Guide and CAP. This means your car has a guide or book price; however that really is still just a rough guide – and even the guides disagree with each other! The biggest complaint from dealers is that by the time valuation guides are published, the data is already out of date.

Location, Location, Location.

The Ultimate Test – Comparing the Market

There is of course no better ‘car valuation’ than an actual offer to buy your car, getting your answer as money in bank!

Unlike most car buying websites, at Dealerbid it’s fast and easy to find out how much your car is worth by comparing offers from different dealers and car buying companies across the country.

We have a network of nearly 1,000 different car dealers and car buying companies across the UK all of which have registered to purchase cars immediately for stock.

By offering your vehicle through dealerbid it will receive the maximum exposure to genuine professional dealers who will contact you through the site with their individual offers, putting you in the driving seat to get the best possible price.

All the offers you receive are non obligational and all our dealers will collect your vehicle so there is no having to deliver either!

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