Aug 12 2017

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Car On Average? #auto #diagnostic

#auto painting prices

The Price of Getting a New Paint Job for Your Car

The price of a car is such a loaded question. There are the different variables that go into what the price of a new car painting cost. This can best be answered by watching the video below. However, if you’re not one to like to watch videos, please read below and you’ll find out all the variables as well as what it will typically cost.

The Short Answer: The price will range anywhere from $500 $10,000 for a full paint job. It all depends on what quality of shop that you use.

The Factors

Where You Get the Paint Job

There really can be three different types of shops that you can go to. There’s going to be your highest quality shop which is going to do the best job. Your medium quality shop just going to do a pretty mediocre job. And of course you’re very low-end shop.

Trim Removal

The higher-quality shots are going to remove all the trim well the mediocre ones well remove a couple of them. On the low-end they’re just going to put tape over them. So you can see this is probably the biggest thing that factors the actual price.

How Much Paint

Another price factor is that it depends on how much you want painted. Is it a full paint job or is it just a scratch that you need to get painted over.

Type of Paint

The higher-quality shops are of course going to use the highest quality paint. While the ones that are on the lower end are going to use lower end paint products. He things greatly influenced things like durability and the appearance. For example, if you are using the higher and paint products then you’re going to get a lot more to get a Westlaw water. If you’re someone who goes to lower and shop then it’s not going to last year as longing that paint is going to chip easier.

Furthermore, if you go to a lower in place then you’ll probably get something that doesn’t look near as good as one that is from the high-end shop. The reason being is that at the higher and shop you’re paying a premium for being able to appear for high attention to detail well at the lower end shop they’re just not in a care near as much because they can’t spend enough time on it too do that great of a job.

State You Live In

Depending upon where you live greatly influence the cost. If you living somewhere like California New York with a cost-of-living is generally more expensive, you can end up paying more than you pay in a state like New Mexico or something like that.

Painting a car is much more expensive then you would typically estimate. Especially if you want something that is going to be a high quality job. I highly recommend going with something in the middle range or the higher-end range because too many people Will buy their paint job with the low end shop and then have the paint job get completely messed up within the next year because it does not last near as long.

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