May 18 2017

How do I fix my credit score when I have bad things in my credit history? Personal Finance & Money Stack Exchange #free #report #credit

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How do I fix my credit score when I have bad things in my credit history?

I am trying to improve my credit score and have been looking for companies to take charge of this effort. But I found them to all be shady at best so I have taken the task upon myself.

I have not yet checked my credit report, and a few years back I was aware there were a couple of things on my credit report about unpaid bills for minor amounts like $100 and $200. I don’t know what these are about. (Also I am sure my ex-wife was nice enough to help add to the bad.)

Anyway, I am better financially and ready to settle these issues to have my credit score reflect my current status. I am well employed and make good money, but my credit score is anything but. I suspect its about 525 and I want to get it to 750+ zone.

The big whammies on my credit are a charge off from an old credit card my ex-wife had to the tune of $10,000. I am about to pay off a collection agency and want to get the item of my report history once settled, and then remove the minor items. With a clean slate I want to grow my score as fast as I can.

  • Where can I get a good run down of my credit stats?
  • Are there reputable companies that can help or should I go it alone?
    • If its doable, how do I take this effort on by myself?

I am looking to get started rebuilding

  • I don’t have a credit card, just an ATM card linked to my checking account that holds loads of my cash.
  • I saw posts that said to fix existing problems, but don’t detail how. This is what I am after.
  • I live within my means and want to know how to clear up past blunders ASAP and build the current situation into a healthy score.
  • I have been living like this for 4 years so my score has been the same poor number for a while. Its time to change all that!

UPDATE within about 3 months I have closed any bad items on the credit report i ran 1st from the link below. in a few weeks i got a second report ran for free, same link and see my report was at least clean of any bad items. called a credit card and got approved with a limit of 500. i called capital one, so after 5 months of paying on time i can get a credit increase. I may sign up for a few of these to get better credit sooner.

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