Sep 30 2017

How Auto Insurance Rates in BC Are Set #best #bank

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BC Auto Insurance Rates

Not sure how auto insurance rates are set in BC?

Below, Westland Insurance provides an overview of BC auto insurance rates in British Columbia, from basic Autoplan coverage to auto collision insurance and comprehensive insurance coverage.

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Basic Autoplan Insurance Coverage

Are you new to BC or to Canadian auto insurance?

If so, your BC Auto Insurance plan must include basic Autoplan coverage. Here s an overview of what is covered with your basic BC Autoplan insurance coverage:

  • Every person that is injured in an auto accident will be covered for no more than $150,000 Canadian
  • Other drivers can claim for damages up to $200,000 Canadian
  • If the driver who is at fault is under-insured then each person is covered for up to $1,000,000

You can also voluntarily increase your auto liability insurance limit to $2 Million or $3 Million if you so wish.

How Auto Insurance Rates Are Set in BC

When we refer to your BC auto insurance rates, we are talking about the premium you will pay for your BC auto insurance. BC auto insurance premiums vary and will depend on the following factors:

Where You Live and Drive In British Columbia

If you live in Vancouver, Surrey or Victoria the driving conditions in these large cities are quite different than what you will find in smaller rural BC towns and communities. Generally, heavy traffic puts you at a higher crash risk, so auto insurance in Vancouver and other larger BC cities can cost more.

How You Use Your Vehicle

BC Auto insurance rate classes are based on whether you drive to and from work or simply use your vehicle for pleasure use. Many British Columbians need their vehicle to get to work. There are over 150 different auto insurance rate classes in BC that influence how much you pay for auto insurance in British Columbia. If you need your vehicle to help you run your business then talk to our auto insurance brokers about commercial auto insurance in BC.

Your Insurance Claims History

If you have made an automobile insurance claim and you were at fault, your BC auto insurance premiums will cost you more. In general, drivers with a crash-free record get the best BC auto insurance discounts.

The Type of Vehicle You Drive

Although it doesn’t affect basic auto insurance coverage in BC, the type of car or truck you drive will affect your BC auto collision and comprehensive insurance coverage costs. Basically, if you drive a luxury car or truck that is expensive to repair or replace, you can expect to pay more for your auto insurance in BC.

Additional Auto Insurance Coverage

The more optional auto insurance coverage you buy, (or the lower your deductible) the higher your BC auto insurance rates will be.

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