#Houses to buy in – #Video

#Houses to buy in – #Video

#Houses #to #buy #in

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Houses to buy in

Houses to buy in


We are serious about buying your house if you are serious about selling it!

We appreciate you taking the time to visit us. In the next few moments, we would like to address some of the most frequently asked questions about our services, and why many people have chosen to work with us when they needed to sell their home. But first, lets tackle some of the basic questions:

Are you just Realtors trying to list my house?

Absolutely not! We are interested in buying your home regardless of its condition, price, or area. We do not have any affiliation with Realtors or any real estate agency.

Can you really buy my home by tomorrow?

Yes, if your property qualifies, you can have a firm purchase commitment within 24 hours of our meeting with you. The sale can be completely closed once we get the final title work and a confirmation of any outstanding liens on the property.

What types of houses do we buy?

We buy single family and townhouses (sorry, at this time we do not buy raw land, mobile homes or condos). The houses we have purchased in the past have been valued between $10,000 and $700,000. Some were in great shape and required no repairs. Others required significant foundation and structural repairs in addition to new heating, plumbing and electrical systems.

What types of sellers can we work with?

We have provided our services in a wide range of situations . people behind on costly mortgage payments, job or military transfers, job loss, divorce, foreclosure, short sales, tired landlords, estate settlement, unwanted inherited properties, bankruptcy, property needing costly repairs, illness or death in the family, bad tenants, home sitting vacant, home too big or too small, purchased a new home and still making payments on the old one, homes that have been on the market for a long time with no real offers to buy, homes with no equity that Realtors won’t list. and a list of many others.

There are many reasons why people need to sell . our goal is to provide you with a solution that will meet your needs and that you’ll feel good about.

And finally, the most important question of all .

Why choose us to buy your house?

1) We do not use a “formula” to buy your home. Many investors have a rigid formula they use to determine the price they can pay for your home. If you don’t fall within their guidelines, they cannot figure out another way to get your needs fulfilled. We view ourselves as “transaction engineers” who can provide you with a choice of options to get your home sold quickly and with no hassle.

2) We listen to what you need and strive to meet those needs with innovative solutions.

3) We adjust to your schedule. As noted above, there are many reasons why people need to sell. In some cases our customers want to sell their homes now but wait until some future time to move (like an upcoming job transfer or the end of the school year or waiting for a newly constructed home to be completed). Other times our customers literally need to get their home sold today because of a pending foreclosure or bankruptcy. Either way, we can meet your schedule requirements.

4) We pay ALL closing costs. Once we agree to a price, you know how much you will get since we cover all closing costs

5) We close 100% of the transactions we put under contract. Since our establishment, we have closed every single transaction we put under contract, unless the seller changed their mind prior to closing.

6) We are backed by over $7 million in fast funding. We are backed by wealthy private individuals and selected financial institutions who understand the nature of our business and our commitment to our customers. They can move fast when we need to move fast.

7) We make the final decisions. When you talk to one of our partners, you are talking with someone who has the authority to make the final decision. There is no committee that needs to review our purchases which saves time and aggravation of not knowing where you stand.

8) We have years of experience to draw upon. When we look at your home and review our research on your neighborhood, we know what to look for. As a result, we can quickly assess whether we can meet your needs.

9) We can get the deal done in one trip. Given our experience in the business, we usually do not need to have all the inspections and appraisals that are part of a normal real estate transaction.

10) We require no fees and you are under no obligation. If the offer we make on your home does not meet your needs then you have lost nothing but a few minutes of your time.

Okay, that sounds pretty good, so .

How does the process work?

  1. First, email us the key information about your home. Click here to use our convenient form that covers almost everything we need to know.
  2. As soon as we get your email, we begin researching your neighborhood to determine a fair value for your home based on the information you have provided.
  3. Next, we contact you to schedule an appointment to meet with you to look at your home and discuss details of the agreement
  4. Then, we prepare the required paperwork for the sale of your home
  5. Finally, we meet one more time to give you your cash and take care of any required signatures.

All this can usually be completed in 24 to 48 hours, so why wait any longer? E-mail us your house information at (make sure you put “About my house” in the subject line) or click here for our online information form and you could .

Walk away & have your home sold by this time tomorrow!!

Give us a call right now

( 302) 502-5110

We’re available 24 hours a day to work with you!

We are always looking to buy more houses and would love to make yours the next.

We buy throughout Delaware in New Castle County and Kent County: 19701,19702,19703,19706,19707,19708,19709,19710,19711,19713,19714,19715,19716,19717,19720,
Bear, Christina, Newark, Claymont, Delaware City, Hockessin, Kirkwood, Middletown, Montchanin,
New Castle, Odessa, Port Penn, Rockland, St. Georges, Townsend, Winterthur, Yorklyn,
Wilmington, Talleyville, Stanton, Newport, Elsmere, Greenville, Marshallton, Edgemoor, Smyrna,
Clayton, Cheswold, Camden-Wyoming, Felton, Frederica, Dover, Dover Air Force, Dover AFB,
Kenton, Hartly, Harrington

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#Houses to buy in - #Video REMMONT.COM

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#Houses to buy in – #Video

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