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#Houses or condos for rent / #Video

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Houses or condos for rent

Houses or condos for rent

Twenty years ago, Richmond Hill was the fastest growing community in Canada and that trend continues today, although the city of nearly 200,000 no longer wears that national crown. The boom was mainly fuelled by immigration, and still is, with large South Asian, Chinese, Jewish and Italian populations in the city. While some immigrant-dominated areas have lower incomes, Richmond Hill is, on average, an affluent city. But its setting a ways north of downtown Toronto has helped keep rents on par with the GTA’s average – except in the case of larger homes which rent out for far more than normal. The city is, weirdly, home to the country’s biggest telescope, and at one point, to a big pink strip joint called Fantasia that was burned to the ground under suspicious circumstances. That same area on Yonge Street once had as many churches as sex shops and strip clubs.

Who Lives Here

Employees in the finance, business and healthcare industries. Families in Richmond Hill are attracted by great schools and churches, and several military families have moved to the area due to its increased security levels.

Perfect for…

Commuters. Richmond Hill’s enhanced bus services are able to move passengers at high speed via VIVA, YRT and the GO Transit rail line, reducing traffic jams and idling on the roads.

Not-so-perfect for…

Haters of change and high-density development. The trend is inescapable in Richmond Hill.

Life and Style

Richmond Hill is an affluent community with incomes higher than nearby neighbourhoods. The new money in the city has spurred development of ritzy little communities throughout. During the summer, residents of Richmond Hill get outside to enjoy warm-weather events alongside tourists who flock to town for festivals including the Tastes of the Hill and Concerts in the Park. Central Richmond Hill is the cultural and commercial heart of town, with malls, restaurants, entertainment and business districts.

Housing Market

Condominiums such as the Xpression are the most common type of housing in town. The price of houses around Yonge and Highway 7 has skyrocketed over the past years and is attributed to change in ethnic demographics, income and class. The price of purchasing a detached home in the south, around Richvale and Langstaff, has risen to such levels that they’re now reserved for the wealthy. With the influx of money, older bungalows are being torn down in favour of luxury apartments and large detached houses.

Avg. rent by housing type and size

Bach/studio: $750
1-bedroom: $960
2-bedroom: $1,680
3-bedroom: $2,130
Avg. rent compared to other Toronto-area towns and regions
Richmond Hill is 0.5% higher than TO average

Typical housing type

Condos and massive mansions for the wealthy.


Richmond Hill has some of the GTA’s best recreational facilities, with 166 parks, the largest of which is Richmond Green Sports Centre and park. The area includes facilities such as the skateboard park and has a 300-person amphitheatre for hosting events in nicer weather. There are also several sports facilities like tennis courts, golf courses and one of Canada’s biggest indoor wave pools. The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts puts on some pretty good live entertainment. Around the city, there are several good places to eat, including Sarpa Trattoria, the Marlowe, and fancy cafes like the Milky Lane, which is great for lunch or a snack.

  • The Emerald Isle Motel, where “Man of the Year” and “The Wrong Guy” were filmed
  • The David Dunlap Observatory
  • Richmond Hill Library
  • Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

Century-old homes and everyone’s favourite greasy spoon joint, Famous Sam’s, are the key features of Gormley. The community is split in two by Highway 404, with its oldest buildings located east of the 404, at Woodbine and Stouffville. It remains relatively rural.

Centrally located in Richmond Hill and ideal for anyone from working professionals to families Langstaff neighbourhood is located where Yonge Street meets Highway 7. There are a wide variety of housing types ranging from detached homes to spacious condominiums. It’s perfect for commuters who drive or take public transit, as well as growing families, as it’s located near major YRT and VIVA routes, Highway 7 and a number of schools.

Oak Ridges

Oak Ridges neighbourhood is a community in Ontario, Canada. It is situated east of King City, immediately south of Aurora, north of Richmond Hill proper and west of Whitchurch-Stouffville. This estate currently boasts 9 publicly funded elementary schools and 1 private school. The main transportation routes through the town running north to Aurora and south to Richmond Hill are the Yonge Street, Highway 404 and Highway 400. Homes available are detached, semi detached and townhomes types.

Rouge Woods

One of the most desirable communities in Richmond Hill is Rouge Woods, located in the city’s east. Most homes are new and vary greatly in size and style, including modern detached homes, chic townhouses and upscale condos. Plenty of parks and great shopping along Major Mackenzie add to the desirability of the area.


Temperanceville is a hamlet in Richmond Hill that’s still rather underdeveloped for now, but large-scale projects planned for Puccini and Merton will change that in the near future. The community has two GO Transit stops on the Newmarket-York University line.

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#Houses or condos for rent / #Video

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