Feb 13 2017

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Since its founding in 1983, Townsend Real Estate has focused on providing the finest real estate experience possible for owners and tenants in the purchase, sale, and lease of residential properties. The Rental Department is renowned for its commitment to excellence with its care of properties entrusted to its care, and for providing new services as technology has advanced. Townsend property managers are dedicated to providing your the best service possible. On-going training keeps managers up with the latest market trends, legal developments, management products, and issues on all aspects of property management.

The Rental Department and sales staff will coordinate the marketing for sale, rent, or both as the owner wishes. Our goal is to provide owners with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they have safely entrusted their property to us. We provide complete management services across the spectrum, from applicant screening to move-out, and maintenance repair bids to inspections and reporting.

Applicants find the website provides a wealth of information. This includes the ability to view details of all our available rentals, complete an on-line application, and obtain access to sources of information about cultural events in Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Spring Lake, and surrounding areas.

Tenants have access to on-line rent payment and their tenant ledger. A dedicated maintenance coordinator initiates and tracks repair requests. Tenants can also request a repair online. Our staff is eager to answer any questions tenants may have concerning the rental process. We offer tenants the opportunity to help them when they choose to move out of their rental, by providing a rental reference, help with locating a residence that better suits their needs, or assisting with the purchase of their own home. Should the tenant and owner desire it, we help with the sale of a rental residence to the tenant.

A complete directory of the Rental Department. If you have worked with us before, look up your manager. If you need a property manager, we will help you find one. Click here to Request for Property Management.

Ask Us!

We re here to help you with your real estate questions! Whether you re looking for a manager, searching for the right property in or outside of the area, wondering about the rental value of your property, or what current market conditions are just ask us!

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