Mar 10 2018

Hotel Vs Motel, What Is The Difference, hotel and motel.#Hotel #and #motel

Hotel vs Motel, what is the difference?

Hotel and motel

Hotel and motelHotel vs Motel : Definition

The word hotel was first used in 1765, and it came from a French word which meant a ‘townhouse’. It was established from lodging, meals, and others. While, the word motel was first used in 1925, and it was a combination of ‘motor and hotel’ which offers some amenities of a hotel.

Hotels compared to motels, these tend to serve people for longer as compared to their counterpart. The Motels are owned privately, and these are old fashioned. You can find these along roads and highways instead of cities. These are for people on a road trip or journey and in dire need of rest. These are not meant for long-term stay and only accommodate for a few days.

Hotels, on the other hand, tend to be classy. These offers outclass services and work hard to maintain their standard. Considering this, if you want to know what is different from hotel vs motel, you should refer to our following guide. It states everything you need to know to differentiate a hotel from its luxurious counterpart.

Hotel vs Motel: Design

One of the easiest ways to spot difference between hotel and motel is by seeing the layout and construction. The Hotel has hundreds of rooms, which are distributed on different floors. These are connected with a staircase, elevators, as well as internal corridors. The Motels have one or two floors, and their rooms can be accessed easily from car parking space.

Hotels are for those in need of a getaway or some basic luxury. These are well designed and remodeled time to time. The Motels remain to basics; they just provide a place to sleep and wash. Therefore, design is not the most important thing. However, this fact varies a lot from one place to another, thanks to competition.

Hotel vs Motel: Staffing

Staffing is yet another important mention in hotel and motel difference. Both institutes employ some different workers. When it comes to hotels, you get receptionists, concierges, bellhops, chefs, housekeepers, parking valet, elevator operator, door attendants, and managers. In Motels, you just find receptionists and housekeepers. When it comes to even small premises, these roles do cross over.

Hotel vs Motel: Services

This is yet another thing, which differentiates them both. The hotel has a wide range of services, which includes room service, restaurant, laundry, indoor swimming pool, gym, day spas and much more. A model only caters a handful of service, which includes breakfast and swimming pool. Another thing, which creates a big difference between hotel and motel, is the type. There are many types of hotel. These include underwater, Garden, Boutique and much more. The Motel is only limited to two options which are long-term and short-term accommodation.

The duration of stay, motel are for those who travel on the highway and need a break from their journey. On other hand, a hotel is targeted for all types of guest, which includes businesspersons, students, travelers and others. The fact is, motels or hotels can turn away long stays where motels are amenable to long ones.

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