Aug 9 2017

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Ryokan College, An Education Leader

Founded in 1978, Ryokan College is a private, nonprofit, coeducational institution of higher learning that offers Bachelor of Arts in Human Behavior, Master of Arts in Psychology or Counseling Psychology (for MFT licensure in California) and Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (for licensure in California) or in Marriage and Family Therapy (Psy.D.). Continuing Education Units (CEU) are also available.


Ryokan College is dedicated to educating students in psychology, the basis of human awareness, effective communication, and healthy relationships. Through online programs comprised of synchronous classes that foster these educational goals, as well as self-growth, the College is able to prepare adult learners for professional careers in behavioral health so they can guide individuals to improve their lives and ultimately the well-being of the global community.


  1. Students will attain the knowledge and skills relevant to the profession of mental health/behavioral health service.
  2. Students will develop effective verbal and written communication skills that will reflect their comprehension and knowledge of the domain of psychology and mental health service.
  3. Students will develop critical thinking skills demonstrated by the ability to engage in research, and effective utilization of information technology. This includes the ability to critically analyze qualitative and quantitative data.
  4. Students will gain a core comprehension of professional ethics and applicable laws that reflect the capacity to use this knowledge in assessment decision-making and interventions.
  5. Students will develop and apply an understanding of diversity including particular sensitivity to the variety of perspectives held by individuals and groups.
  6. Students will enhance personal development through experiential learning, group collaboration and practiced interpersonal skills.
  7. Students will utilize analytic and critical thinking skills in the comprehension of facts, ideas and be able to communicate effectively with others.
  8. Students will be committed to increasing scientific and professional knowledge of behavior and people’s understanding of themselves and others and to the use of such knowledge to improve the condition of individuals, organizations, and society.

Note: Discover more about programs, learning outcomes and courses descriptions in the catalog under “External links.” Table of Contents is on page 5 of the catalog.

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