Jun 11 2017

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How to use’s Home Loan EMI calculator to understand your Home Loan Repayment

An Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) calculator, as the name suggests, helps you understand the regular EMIs applicable on your subscribed for loan. In the case of the Home Loan EMI Calculator on, the usually tedious and time consuming task of manually calculating the EMI applicable on your home loan is simplified and loaded with all the essential data, including amortization details and ability to alter components such as interest rate and tenure to test different permutations and combinations.

Loan Parameters Required to Use the Home Loan EMI Calculator:

When using the housing loan calculator on, the following parameters need to be kept handy. The simplicity of this online tool is directly related to the minimal inputs and ability to personally customize the results.

  1. Loan Amount: Input the subscribed for loan amount on the slider tool.
  2. Tenure: Input the loan tenure by pinning the duration on the associated slider.
  3. Interest Rate: This value must be entered in the designated field. The entered number is earmarked in terms of the percentage value and thus the user isn’t required to manually enter the ‘%’ marker.
  4. Processing Fee: This value, assigned in terms of the percentage of loan amount, is the agreed upon processing fee applicable to the loan product. If you aren’t sure about this value, kindly consult your loan related documents or consult the appropriate resource at your loan lender.
  5. Pre payments: Usually, many home loan subscribers prefer to make pre-payments on their loan. This point is given due consideration in the EMI calculator for home loans as available on Make your choice by opting for the yes/no toggle that is provided as the final input in the tool.

Why use this EMI Calculator?

The obvious perks are massive savings of time, energy and your fragile patience. Aside from these, the following advantages are in order,

  1. Speed: Massively ‘boring’ calculations are crunched in mere seconds.
  2. Simple: As uncomplicated as operating a normal calculator.
  3. Experiment: Test various interest rate and tenure combinations, find the right home loan.
  4. Free: Using this friendly tool is 100% free, now and forever.

Better Manage Home Loan Repayment with Home Loan EMI Calculator:

These are busy times and anything that isn’t nailed down by a timer is too much of an indulgence or not worth the bother. The immensely friendly housing loan calculator as available on is designed and deployed to simplify a tedious task, in the shortest time possible. Managing your loan EMIs has never been easier, thanks to this user friendly and aesthetically deployed home loan repayment calculator. Plus, BankBazaar’s experienced customer support team is always at hand if you encounter a problem or need clarification for a particular query. Go ahead- crunch your numbers today!!

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