Home depot home decorators collection

Home depot home decorators collection

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Home depot home decorators collection-77 reviews for HomeDecorators, 1.3 stars: "Half my order was damaged right after being made or while being packaged and had to be reordered setting my project behind schedule. Was a poor decision going with this brand", "Home Depot has taken over the search engine for…"

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Half my order was damaged right after being made or while being packaged and had to be reordered setting my project behind schedule. Was a poor decision going with this brand

Home Depot has taken over the search engine for They’ve made everything sound similar so when you put in home you get the Home Depot home decorators section I don’t want them I don’t want them at all I want to get but the way that they cleverly worded their website you can’t get past them on Google. It’s a travesty it’s horrible what they’ve done to poor old I move so I don’t get the catalog anymore and I can pick them up online. This ought not to be able to happen I’ve tried Googling it many times and I can’t find it anymore. How can just changing the search engine for a website put somebody out of business this is horrifying this should not be allowed to happen Home Depot is a big monster

I tried to gmail my kitchen design attachment in a standard pdf format to the HD designers several times to have them review my design but they could not receive my email. So, a big waste of time. Home Decorators should not advertise a free design service if they cannot receive emails.

Otherwise, I designed my own kitchen with much effort successfully. The cabinets were expensive even after the 30% discount but the cabinets did arrive undamaged and very well packed.

The Manganite finish and Roxbury style were quite beautiful. So, a very demanding experience and exhausting but also a good ending to the story.

Tip for consumers: Find an experienced friend to help and review your design.

Julia Hazeltine Home Decorator – STAY AWAY, asked Julia to design a small mother in law kitchen, 10 ft by 14 ft. Planning on major remodel later. She had a couple ideas but way out of our budget. After paying her, she would not respond to email, text, phone call. Took the money and ran. My suggestion – run.

If you are not a part of Home Depot, I will have to find someplace else to shop! I have recently moved and was counting on Home Decorators where I could find your interesting products at a fair price. No more! The new web site was impossible to use and the products are not the same! Disappointed!

I used to love Home Decorators. I bought a summer home in 2015 and furnished much of it with many,many items from Home Decorator. I shopped on line easily and was very satisfied with 99% of my purchases. I have a few credits which I have been trying to use. Sadly the online site is awful, pictures don’t load, search is useless and it is just a complete waste of time. What happened?

I ordered all new semi-custom cabinetry about a year ago for my kitchen, but I ordered the top cabinets only. I had no problems and was satisfied with the quality. Recently, I finally ordered all my bottom cabinets and they shipped over a week later than promised. I dont know if they were shipped damaged or it happened during shipping (thin cardboard protection only). The cabinets were coming apart by the time I received them. I notified the company and they manufactured and sent replacements. Same thing. The back is coming off the cabinet. Their workmanship has declined horribly. I am keeping the damaged cabinet this time because I just want to be done with this mess. I would NOT recommend buying anything from this company.

I don’t like Home Depot. Home Decorators much more cultured. home depot is walmart.

I have shopped Home Decorators over many years, recommended the site to friends. I just went on the site to shop for some new items. The new site is hard to navigate, doesn’t load in a timely manner, and the selection of merchandise leaves much to be desired. Not shopping here anymore.

Okay, so I am not imagining things! Home Depot has destroyed Home Decorators. No practical filters for searching, huge waiting times while trying to scroll/search, frequent error messages and pages that can’t be loaded.
You should have to use the website, as part of your job, while being paid by the hour. I bet then the “decision makers” would get the wake up call to improve the performance of this website! I am done wasting my time! Bye, bye.

Bad move Home Depot. I’ve been ordering from for many years and am perplexed as to why the on-line store was discontinued. They had excellent quality and selection. HomeDepot is a home improvement store not a home decorating store. The HD inventory doesn’t come close to what always had. A huge loss to the customers.

I shopped at Home Decorators all the time. I am so sad this is gone. What is on the home depot site looks like boring discount store stuff. WAH!

wow, just so disappointed with HD getting rid of home decorators collection. WHAT a MAJOR disappointment. If I wanted to shop at HD I would go to HD which BTW I wont!
I prefer to shop the online site or catalog which offered so much more

Tried to purchase an area rug to match ones I already have but site has very little inventory to offer. Bring back Home Decorators. They always had interesting pieces at reasonable prices and great inventory to browse.

No, it’s not that I don’t like change, it’s just that nothing is the same as the former Home Decorators e-business. If I want Home Depot, I’ll go there. I want to browse the Home Decorators catalog like I used to. Bad move.

I just discovered, like scores of others, that is GONE! I purchased for my interior design clients from them and HD is not the same. SAD!

I have shopped at Home Decorators for years. I could always find “that” right piece I was looking for. The new site is HORRIBLE to navigate. The inventory seems to have changed from great eclectic pieces to “blah.” I get that Home Depot is trying to create a connection, but this ain’t working. want the old site back!

I bought an entry table from Home Decorators (before Home Depot bought them) – back in 2006. Went to buy another one and can’t find it on Home Depot. I a shame when a big store buys out a smaller one and ruins it in the process.

I have shopped there on and off for years. I went back to the website and is now home depot! Not Happy

Terrible merger and an awful website. Purchased several rugs in the past but will find other supplier.

Loved Home Decorators and just discovered it has been merged into Home Depot. Awful web site! I gave up and am shopping elsewhere.

I chose white cabinets which have to be assembled. The cabinets are a good construction and went together easily. Then, the nightmare started. The cabinet boxes are birch on all sides so after assembling, you have to pay for and screw on 5/8″ thick
panels to match the white doors. Then, you must attach white adhesive edging on all the front surfaces of the boxes. Edging is terrible and falls off after an help.

What happened to Home Decorators Collection? I have made many purchases in the past. Wanted to add a custom upholstered parsons chair to the 7 I already have and they simply do not offer this service at all anymore. The website is a navigation nightmare and it is as if this formerly great online/catalogue decor site just vanished. Ugh!

I want my Home Decorator’s Collection back! This is a marketing nightmare. There is positive no inspiration. This is the equivalent to the JCPenney fiasco!

I live in a rural area, several hours from a Home Depot. I ordered 2 Home Decorators bookcases to be shipped to a store which is 2 hours away. A large uncontained forest fire has broken out between us so I phoned HomeDepot to try and redirect to a store I can get to. Was on hold for 25 minutes then my call was dropped. Phoned back and was told that all I could do was cancel the original order, but only AFTER it shipped. The bookcases are still in the warehouse but they can’t change the destination. I was then told that I had to call back again on Tuesday to see if the cancellation went through. Home Decorators, you are now in league with morons. Too bad, half my furnishings have come from your catalogue. I am done with Home Depot!

Customer Questions & Answers

There are other people who ordered cabinets from Home Decorators that wrote reviews and many of them were not pleased and their customer service sucks I do believe if you have a problem you must pay return postage and they’ll ask you for pictures first

Not sure but we finally got everything and we love it. Not sure I could trust ordering from Them again. Apparently, they claim,it’s a problem with their shipping company.

No, unfortunately. Home Depot bought the company . . . then destroyed it.

No. Unfortunately. Home Depot bought the company . . . then destroyed it.

First of all my wife ordered all three area rugs at the same time and they were in stock after about three weeks I had to call and inquire just to find out they were on back order and would be shipped from manufacturer and the estimated time for delivery was about eight weeks after they were ordered. Well they finally arrived and after two weeks the fibers started pulling up from the backing. Although they were on sale this shouldn’t have happened call to complain and asked where I can return them and they would only offer me a credit or $25 off my next purchase. Do yourself a favor go to somewhere close pay the few extra dollars and be satisfied and if it needs to be returned it’s a lot easier In my case they didn’t want the carpets just give me a credit or a bone off my next purchase. WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN


Home depot home decorators collection


Home depot home decorators collection

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