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May 15 2018

Home Care – The Connecticut Hospice Inc, what is home hospice.#What #is #home #hospice

Home Care

What is home hospiceSince 1974, Connecticut Hospice Home Care nurses have served 132 cities and towns in Connecticut. On an average day, through five sites, 350 patients receive a series of interventions to keep them comfortable and at home. Caregivers are connected through a video-phone system, PictureTel. The Interdisciplinary team that provides care in the home has weekly meetings and daily conferences with the hospice pharmacists, dieticians, and chiefs of medical staff through PictureTel.

Quality patient care is possible because of individualized programs developed by the home care team with the cooperation of the family, family physicians, community health agencies, and involved Connecticut Hospice team members.

As in patient care, it is a task that requires constant assessment, support, and coordination to help patients pursue the goal of quality living. This coordinated approach allows patients to continue their lives at home whenever possible.

Through the team approach, Hospice helps patients and families attain optimum quality of life with house calls by physicians and medications delivered to your home.

To-ing and fro-ing, a code name, being able to leave home and come to our inpatient palliative hospital-hospice, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, where a more intense clinical review can be achieved. It happens frequently at the request of the family and the to-ing and fro-ing is unlimited.

Hospice nurses are given the opportunity to assist others in the learning process. They teach courses, lecture, and provide technical assistance to visitors and training experiences for nursing students. And they continue to learn themselves. Their goal is not only to provide outstanding, compassionate care, but also to constantly improve the quality of that care.

Hospice nurses uphold the broadest definition of nursing as an art, a science, and a philosophy. Because of their energy, dedication, and professional skills, they uphold a tradition of quality patient care.

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