Sep 24 2017

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Home Based Travel Agent Resources

Google has all the answers out there for you (somewhere), but wouldn t it be nice if there was a site that linked to resources for those looking to become a home based travel agent?  I thought so too!

We ve got two sets of readers here:

  • Experienced travel agents  I know just the thing for you.  Check out our calendar of industry events and make sure to read our education and marketing articles  to help you grow your home based travel agency even more!
  • New travel agents   If you re looking to become a home based travel agent, you came to the right place!  You ll find our travel agent basics  (there are multiple pages so make sure to click the older entries button!) will give you the big picture on how things work a super important foundation.  After that, we ve got a host agency list (with over 600 agent reviews) for you to peruse.  Speaking of

Four Steps to Finding the Perfect Host Travel Agency

We ve helped a LOT of home based travel agents find a host agency.  We also answer a lot of the same questions because, as it turns out, most new home based travel agents feel confused, frustrated, and unsure of where to start or how to find a good host agency!

If that s you, this video guides you through the questions you need to be asking yourself in order to narrow down your host agency options.  You ll also want to check out the Finding the Best Host Agency article for some more tips.

And after watching the video, we ve created a spreadsheet to help you compare host agencies.  You can download it below:

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