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Sep 1 2019

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Florida Insurance Group

Cheap florida insurance

Cheap florida insurance

The Florida Insurance Group is a full service, independent insurance agency located in Orlando FL. We cover Central Florida and the entire sunshine state, knowing the specific risks that you face, and how to protect against them with the right insurance coverage at the best price. We can help you find the perfect Florida insurance policy!

The Florida Insurance Group is able to represent you for all of your insurance needs.

Home Auto Insurance

Home Auto Insurance is especially important in Florida comparatively to other states. Flood wind damage impact homes, and the sheer number of people driving in central Florida should make individuals scrutinize their coverages. At Florida Insurance Group, we take the time to customize Home Auto Insurance policies to suit your personal needs and budget. Out of the box insurance is not something we look to offer our clients.

Our Business offerings, like our personal policies are tailored to fit your needs.

Business Insurance

Managing a business is no easy task. Success demands attention to detail and stay a step ahead of the competition. At Florida Insurance Group, we ll design a Business Insurance policy that is adapted to your business. We will discuss your day to day operations and goals to ensure your insurance is designed for protection and success.

Life Insurance for Individuals and Businesses

Life insurance policies today are quite different than they were 10 years ago. Many are adjustable, providing more than just money to loved ones when someone dies. Policies today have many benefits that have to do with living life to the fullest on your terms. Additionally, these new policies are also designed to protect your business, providing solutions to keeping and protecting your businesses most important assets, your people.

Take the first step by using our online quote portal or call our office at (407) 277-6000 to speak with an experienced insurance advisor. Be confident in knowing that you ve made the best insurance decision for your family when you consult with the Florida Insurance Group.

Assignment of Benefits

What You Need to Know

What is an Assignment of Benefits? An Assignment of Benefits (AOB) is a contract between you and a contractor (such as a plumber, water remediation firm, roofer, etc.) where you give the contractor control of your claims benefits. They file a claim for their services and direct the insurance to pay them directly.

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Cheap florida insuranceCheap florida insurance


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