Hollow earth conspiracy

Hollow earth conspiracy

Hollow earth conspiracy-The Atlantean Conspiracy ✦ Exposing the ‘Global’ Conspiracy from Atlantis to Zion Sunday, February 3, 2013 Hollow Earth Ev > Has anyone looked into the evidence for one of the biggest

The Atlantean Conspiracy

✦ Exposing the ‘Global’ Conspiracy from Atlantis to Zion

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hollow Earth Ev >

Has anyone looked into the evidence for one of the biggest of all conspiracy theories, the Hollow Earth? I have personally read all about worldwide D.U.M.B.’s, Admiral Byrd’s trip to the poles, Olaf Jansen’s book, Dr. Nansen’s and several other 19th century explorer’s accounts of the land beyond the poles. The various testimonies are compelling and surprisingly there is actually plenty of circumstantial evidence pointing towards Hollow Earth theory.

Nowadays only government-approved teams are allowed anywhere near the poles, but historically almost every explorer who has traveled to the poles has recorded that as you get closer, it gets warmer, the snow and ice disappear, and greenery and wild-life reappear. Even modern-day explorers continue finding driftwood, pollen, animals, and insects the closer they get to the poles. In Greenland animals should migrate South for the winter, but in fact they all migrate North, and Northern winds in Greenland are actually warmer than Southern winds during winter. In Northern Russia there are constantly large animal bones and driftwood coming ashore from the North as well. The poles are no-fly zones and compasses start going haywire as soon as explorers sail/fly near them. During earthquakes the Earth behaves much more like a hollow body than a solid one, ringing like a bell with after-shocks spreading out like ripples in a pond. This behavior is indicative of a Hollow Earth and something which plate tectonics theory falls short of adequately explaining. Have a look at some of the evidence in the videos/links and leave a comment what you think about this strange and intriguing possibility. Peace.


What a trip ;0)!
No doubt the U.N. finds the arctic special enough to be their logo, and wasnt Hitler stationed at the Antarctica after his supposed “suicide”, as per Arizona Wilder’s account?

This has totally captivated my interest. along with “junk” DNA and its capacity to make humankind near immortals.

Keep up your great work!

Eric, a few weeks ago i was looking at archived satellite images of the north pole over the past 20 years, and every single image had the north pole blacked out, i also find it odd that there are no radar or weather stations at or near the north pole, even though there have suposedly been many government expeditions there. there is something hidden up there that they don’t want us to see and i wish more people would look into it. on another note, i read a blog a few weeks ago about the Thai King’s ties to the NWO. i forgot where i found it and ive been researching but can’t find anything else on it. You would probably know a lot more than i do on it. Can you help me with any info or point me in a good direction.

Someone ought to strap a camera onto those wildlife migrating up to the poles!

Your blog has become my favorite website!

This reminds me of a TV show called The Prisoner. During the show there were mysterious holes appearing from the ground and people were falling inside of them. This may be symbolic for the rabbit hole in the matrix or peoples escape from the inprisoned mind. At the end of the show, the main character “number 6″(if you can believe that) became the king of the community and the citizens were chanting number 6 is number 1. Remember that 6 is the number of the beast, and God (the creator) is often reffered to as number 1, the first, the king, the one and only, the most high. Therefore saying 6 is one is saying lucifer is God.

Thanks for the great comments everyone. For Dan, I recommend “The King Never Smiles” if you haven’t read that. It’s banned here, along with the King and I, Anna and the King, and basically anything about royalty not sanctioned by royalty. The punishment here for Les Majeste is 15 years in prison so info/rhetoric that could be construed as negative is almost non-existent or quickly quelled. Seekjusticenotrevenge, I totally agree with your analysis of The Prisoner, thanks for that. Peace

I told you when I was young I was looking at the sky and I could not work out whether we were inside or outside the world. If we were inside then you could fly up and land on a country the opposite side to you, if we were outside then we would need to fly around. I just couldn’t be sure which was the case but was reassured by elder people that we lived on the outside of a sphere.

Listening to Ian Lamprecht now. Interesting.

This is my latest topic of interest! Glad you brought it up.

A question that comes to mind is, how can something of this magnitude that would change our perception of entire world be covered up? And how come it hasn’t been given more attention?

Apparently the ancient civilization Lumaria went into the earth before the great flood. Also another topic of interest for me.

I think Adolf Hitler, a believer in hollow Earth, can answer your question best:

“All this was inspired by the principle–which is quite true within itself–that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.

—Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X[1]

Eric Karagounis and Mikos:

Some images there I haven’t seen before which I fond particularly intriguing. As designer however the image with the beaming glow taken from orbit looks inaccurate perspective wise.
Would love to see more or/and better quality images of those other shots from space, fascinating.

I find myself wondering on a physics level what this means in relation the the storm shaped as a hexagon found at the pole of Saturn which moves at the same rate as the core would and is not completely explained.
It’s also interesting in relation to the geology and over all structure of the all planets.

There was an interesting writer who refers to a great many missing Nazi Germany submarines, money, personell and others things at the end of WW2 interviewed on Coast to Coas, FYI.

Interesting quotes from Hitler there

thank you for raising this interesting issue . It brought to my mind some explaination of parts of Qur’an . it`s explained in this video
pls watch may be it will be a Contribution in your topic

hi Eric.
Please Eric ,
make your mind and and choose a side .
Dont you already think Earth is flat ?!
How can it be both , flat and hollow at the same time ?!

Hey Moha, I really don’t know what the shape of the Earth is, but it’s a subject I enjoy researching. You’d think it would be such an easy, cut and dry topic to figure out, but there is very convincing evidence on all sides. The links in this article point towards a hollow spherical Earth, but for instance, this is quite an interesting read:

And this is another interesting and plausible but complex ancient Vedic understanding:

What do you think the shape of the Earth is Moha? Peace

If the earth is hollow what stops it all collapsing under it’s own weight?

My personal belief is that the evidence is stacking up & is now starting to gather a lot of global momentum. Lets blow the lid of this global governmental cover up.
Let us all take back what does truly belong to the good people of this beautifully strange & intriguing world. Peace to all on Mother Earth

Another item that one might consider are the noises recorded around the globe. They are all over YouTube. Deep resonating noises that seem to come from below. These recently occurred in Wisconsin. They’ve been recorded in Russia and Florida. What is that about? Could it be evidence?

I have believed in the Hollow Earth for 30 plus years, read many of the books on the subject. The account of Admiral Byrd was very compelling and the stories from those that have gone in and returned. It’s a scecret that’s been kept from us for a long time but not just by the so called Government but by those that dwell within. I believe they are an advanced race highly intellegent and watch us and our civilization regularly by many means, UFO’s being one of the them. They keep us at arms length as we progress on the path of enlightenment. Sorry I digress, but the knowledge of the hollow Earth and many other hidden secrets will be revealed soon as we enter the next age.

Interesting stuff Robert, do you have any good links or articles you’ve come across you can post for us here? Thanks.

My opinion, we are capable to achieve greater intelligence by leaps and bounds. The government (or puppet-masters) are holding us back so we do not evolve mentally to our higher consciousness or ascend to become greater than we are now, to be more than human. I like to keep an open mind so when shit hits the fan I don’t get caught with my pants down with the Oh face

the rotation of the earth around his cuasi vertical axis and his precesional motion during so long time produces by means of the centrifugue forces a hollow planet,the incandescent center constitutes an intern sun,because in the surface are the dense particles materials.The aperture is a matter of time.All the planets are in some of this proces
Euler the mathematician was made similar not bizarre.

Many things you can analice and discover,don’t need always wait next age or some master or mesiah the reason why people can’t learn alone is because his low level of conciousness,too much personality but low level of being,are not conected nor use his high centers of emotion and intelect.Only are beings # 1,2 or 3.In this planet beings are in 9 different types,so is a sofism that we all are equal
If you only acumulate money can be a being of exit but not a being of value..only an harmonious developed is the way.A being #9 dominate beings of lower levels, no matter if are Royals.satanists or saints..there are stupid monks,,and many are not evolving.I don’t find any persone that can discute with me abouth chakras.All the descriptions in books and internet are false repetitions of some texts,including techings of ocultists,yogas and brotherhoods,.Only when you perceive the objective real world you can know really what hapen in this solar system.

Are you saying the whole of earth is hollow or it is just a certain portion that is hollow??

Check out this website –

People who are familiar with hollow earth will immediately recognise and perhaps even decipher this crop circle.
Hint: The hollow earth is shown on this crop circle as being roughly 850km thick.
I have deciphered it 100% but I must admit that it wasn’t easy.
However I will tell you this much; the magnetic reversal of our HOLLOW EARTH is coming soon.
Less than 5 years!

Ok first of my uncle was aboard Nautilus in 1958, no need to tell you that missin we all know it.That being said the earth IS round, grab a telescope and look at the moon its round too. The spinning of the Earth has made it “perfectly round”. To say other wise dicredits everything you have said Eric. Second think about ice on a pond in winter it is dense enough to drive accross in the colder areas. Therefore a dense crust could support the weight of humanity, all while having a hollow earth. I am only questioning Erics thinking and judgement here, I am open minded and I know we are lied to daily so we give up our freedoms rights and religions. But someone pull there heads out of their asses and go there, or post or point me to some real evidence. Thank you kind sirs

I’ve sat quiet about this on my site because I have no “hard evidence” that any of it is true.

As many know I’ve lived in the Arctic since 1998. I’ve had the chance to meet some very high ranking people in that time.

I was talking to someone from the military who said he was on his way to Devon Island in the high Arctic. When I questioned him about the “hole to the center of the earth” he went very quiet and had a strange look on his face.

His only response was “There is shit there that would change the entire view of the planet”.

I have no idea if the earth is really hollow but I do know that Devon Island has a “top secret” rating higher than any other known site in the world.

I have also heard rumors from Inuit elders that the weather on the island is tropical. For being in the middle of the arctic that is quite strange.

Interesting post Eric. Thanks for the info!

Nowadays this should be super easy to prove or disprove w/o any official agencies being involved, permits and, the best part, with virtually zero budget (well, maybe a couple of hundred dollars).

Students worldwide are sending helium balloons to the stratosphere with cameras and gps attached to them and getting amazing results on the same day.

Now we need someone in alaska, scandinavia, russia, greenland or iceland to do this as high as possible (cause of the curvature) and we should be able to see something, right?

Any volunteers here.

Rock on E, grate site!

I enjoy reading your site, I look for new articles every day etc. I always research the topics you uncover afterwards etc. and this was one I found very interesting about a year ago but after further research it didn’t seem to pan out with my much further evidence, things such as Admiral Byrds diary and even things such as not being able to fly over the poles directly. My question though is, this seems so far fetched and even that topic you had on the moon and the sun being actually equal in size etc. and that were all just being deceived etc. How come out of all these so far fetched conspiracy theories are you so convinced that all the evidence toward alien visitations are just a NWO setup for the order out of chaos theory? I mean there is way more evidence of high ranking pilots encountering ufo’s then there are of pilots flying through the center of the earth and uncovering sci fi like worlds inside. So why are you so convinced that we are purposely being manipulated towards a fake alien invasion? What about all the mysteries left around the globe as far as unexplained structures, pyramids, etc? Where if not some alien source knowing that we could not replicate it today did that come from and why not focus more on that instead of crazy heliocentric, hollow earth theories?

Thanks for the comments all. To the latest comment, I’ve posted on giant humans beings and hollow earth before because this is what the vedas and other ancient texts talk about being the origin of UFO technology and the “gods.” They were not “aliens” as you keep suggesting but a race of advanced humanoid giants, remnants of which have been found all over the world. Looking at Rik Clay’s work, Project Bluebeam, the UN’s “alien ambassador” and other movie/media hype it seemed to me that something like a fake alien invasion was being prepared. I don’t claim to have all the answers though man, I’m glad you’re doing your own research, and be sure to share what you find so others can benefit. I don’t know if the Earth is hollow or who made the first UFO. I just enjoy researching such topics and sharing my thoughts with you all. Peace

Very interesting blog

I could have sworn I’ve read somewhere that the Nazi’s found the entrance to the hollow earth and actually set expedition there. Never knew if it was true or not.

Check under vermean ships i think you will be pleasently surprised

Check out the relation to Iskandar Zulkarnain and the Gog and Magog stories in Al-Quran.

I am surprised that in the past even though it is very clear that the hallow is true why it is not made public and why the full exploration is not done .every time it being told that that the some super civilization is there but is is our duty to have better interaction with them but not to fight like an enemy .

every time it is clear that existence of hallow earth is true . but it is not made public . but every time the super intelligent race is existing but do not try to exploit them but have friendly relation with out using super weapons on them .

give us one credible peer reviewed source, so we know your not pulling this out of your ass

That makes no sense whatsoever. You can’t even spell correctly. By the way, I have a first hand account of what the north pole looks like. My grandfather used to live in the Arctic and flew over the north pole in a PBY Catalina. There is no hole, just a lot of frozen ocean.

Anonymous I have no idea if the theory is valid or not but if your grandfather allegedly flew over the pole then that would be a second hand account.

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You’re a moron, do the world a favor, and become an hero.

I won’t say who I am or what I do.
But here is some food for thought for you all. Every year the United States Navy sends a team of cargo handlers from Virginia to New Zealand for gear issue an then they are sent to Antarctica (Mcmurdo science station) to off load a ice breaker supply ship for the permanently stationed civilians an military for the winter months. Now this is nothing out of the ordinary, what is out the ordinary – is the changing of the guard which also flies in at the same time. What I mean is other than the (1) c-130 carrying the Navy chaps there are (5) more c-130 carrying a decent assortment of JSOC form all branches under joint task force to relieve the JSOC already on duty (Gate Watch)at the Gate Ways. You can take this with a grain of salt, but,
the mission statement is to keep the unauthorized visitation to a minimum from ALL entities to and from the Gate Ways. There are tons of different code names for the location I am speaking of, but Gate Ways has stuck with me form the 1st time I was volunteered for isolated duty there. At times it can get quite Lively there an other times down right SOUL BREAKINGLY MORBID. Again take this how ever you want, but the truth you seek at the poles an about the HOLLOW EARTH is something of a Pandora’s Box. Which only a SANE person should just leave the lid on. I just happened on to this site by accident an due to the fact I am abit of an old war horse an I like bucking against standing orders, I will give you all a slight push away from away from this. The government will not EVER release information on this particular gem, nor will anyone ever garrisoned there will give up anything like real information. At most you will get what I am giving, a heart felt reality check. There is a reason JSOC is parked out in the middle of no-where an no we are not playing cards.

Hollow earth theory is very interesting, however.if there is a small sun in the middle why do all photos fro space show blackness in the openings. Shouldn’t we see light from that sun ?? Just wondering. Thanks

I really Like what you just said another Anonymous!!

So I just discovered the conspiracy theorist that the earth might be hallow and have an advanced civilization inside of it. However, if this real, and has been known for centuries, why has no one brought recording devices and taken one of the many paths that are supposed to lead to Agartha? I know that getting to the south or north pole would be too hard for most people to accomplish, but what about ALL the other ‘paths’ that are supposed to lead down there? (ex. in the pyramid of Gyza, caves in U.S. and Brazil, etc). I would love to be able to believe this theory, but I can’t help but think that there would be substantial proof.

Well, I decided to hop over to the NASA website to see what they had on ESSA 7: >
None of the links work, so you can’t investigate anything on that satellite. All they share with you is how it was built.

Strange and interesting. So much we don’t know that’s why I keep an open mind to everything.

@Anonymous March 23 2016

There is supposedly an access hole in Kentucky Mammoth Cave, I live in Idaho. The trip isn’t that far. This might sound weird, but I have always found caves and spelunking so interesting, but never have had the funds. Perhaps. perhaps I should make a trip out that way just to see. rough draft sort of trip. I would love to see if there are any places that are inaccessible to tourists.

I believe we do have a veil over our eyes and minds. I believe the truth is out there, but we are not being told what it all really is. I like to keep my mind open and accepting of all possibilities.


Hollow earth conspiracy


Hollow earth conspiracy

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