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Feb 7 2018

Hiring a Marketing Agency, hiring agency.#Hiring #agency

Hiring a Marketing Agency

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Dina Shapiro

Dina Shapiro was a brand strategist and marketing executive before founding her own firm, Yorkville Consulting.

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– In today s business market, it s all about brand recognition, engaging customers, and developing a competitive edge. How do you do this? You hire a digital marketing agency to connect your brand with customers how, when, and where they want. Hi, I m Dina Shapiro, and welcome to How to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency. In my career, I ve worked at top global agencies and at Fortune 500 companies in senior marketing positions managing multiple agency relationships. I then launched my own marketing consultancy and continued to work with agencies. I ve managed all aspects of the agency relationship, from choosing a new agency, to negotiating the contract, scope of work and compensation, to managing everyday projects from large to small. I want to share my knowledge and experience with you. In this course, I ll give you insight into the agency world. We ll discuss how to define your objectives for hiring a digital marketing agency and the process of creating your internal selection team…

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