Nov 4 2017

High School Guidance Counselor Resume

High school students are not in a position to decide which college and career to choose, how to find and fetch financial aid, and how to plan and achieve success in the future. Thank to high school guidance counselors that students are able to pick right college, and build a career for themselves. These counselors are graduates in psychology, and are licensed to practice their trade. They are the right source of contact to get any help related to studies, personal problems, and future.

Given the duties and responsibilities executed by high school counselor, your job application needs to show knowledge of educational settings, assessment, human psychology, and career options. The experience section must talk about developing learning theories, assisting students in academic planning, evaluating students’ progress, and individual and group counseling.

High School Guidance Counselor Resume Example

To work as a guidance counselor with “Bright Academy High School” and help students in selecting making the right decisions about college, and future career.

Summary of Skills:

  • Experience in individual and group counseling
  • Experience in developing life skills in students
  • Knowledge of learning theories and their implementation
  • Ability to assess students’ skills and provide right direction
  • Familiarity with the latest educational environments and curriculum development
  • Possess high professional ethics, planning, and management skills
  • Skilled in collecting and maintaining data for students development

Guidance Counselor
Frontier High School, Milwaukee, WI
May 2014 – Present

  • Developing and implementing comprehensive guidance programs for all students
  • Identifying students’ talents and assisting in choosing the right college and career
  • Coordinating and facilitating activities necessary in building students’ personality
  • Conversing with teachers, staff, and parents and providing leaning environment to students
  • Executing administrative duties and instilling a sense of competencies in students
  • Ensuring personal, social, mental, and physical development of students
  • Providing needed assistance and guidance to students and monitoring their progress

Guidance Counselor
Catapult High School, Milwaukee, WI
March 2012 – April 2014

  • Facilitated learning and sports activities for overall development of students
  • Reviewed and simplified admission process and helped students in completing forms
  • Verified income proof of parents and helped students in obtaining scholarship
  • Provided hostel and transport facilities to students after reviewing their financial backgrounds
  • Provided academic and career consultation services to parents and guided them in building their children’s future
  • Appointed a leader among students and performed group counseling
  • Informed students about the latest federal and state financial aid and the eligibility criteria


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
    Goodwill College, Milwaukee, WI

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