Aug 15 2017

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BEWARE OF ACORN SOLUTION TREE [Edited to remove a hyperlink]

Acorn Solution Tree is a Scam. They do not loan money! They will take your cash. They are in Canada not New Jersey.

. Do not do like I did and send them any money, I was promised a loan from them, was issued Loan Docs, and then was told to go to Western Union and wire $750, like an idiot I did this, I then did as I was told. I contacted [Edited to remove personal information] the loan officer to tell him, he said that she would do a rush on the loan and have the funds in my account by 9am the next day, I said ok and we hung up.

The next day and no funds. so I called them back and after several attempts I finally spoke to [Edited to remove personal information], who told me that now I would have to pay $750 more because the lender request that I take out insurance lol. what a joke I should have seen it coming, Paul told me that they would pay half of the fee and that I would have to pay the other half. I told him I just wanted the money back and her first words were that I would have to talk to customer service.

No Loan, I am out the cash and cannot reach them at all.

Some of the names used are:

[Edited to remove personal information],

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