Sep 26 2017

Health Sciences Degree: High-Demand Degrees For Health Careers – Rasmussen College #computer #sciences #degrees


School of Health Sciences

High-demand Health Sciences Degrees for Careers Helping Patients

The healthcare industry is one of today s fastest growing and changing industries. This combination of growth and change has helped to cause a surge in demand for healthcare professionals. At Rasmussen College, our School of Health Sciences offers a range of education programs to help you start or advance your healthcare career, in fields ranging from medical assisting to health information technology (HIT) .

As a Certificate, Associate s degree or Bachelor s degree graduate, you can use your degree to help you become a sought-after healthcare professional. Whether you want a successful career working directly with patients or behind-the-scenes in a healthcare facility, our School of Health Sciences offers a program to fit your career goals. Plus, with our instructors holding you to high academic standards and developing your high-touch patient interaction skills, you will gain a competitive advantage in your job search upon graduation.

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