HdE – comic book letterer, hde.

HdE – comic book letterer, hde.



HdE – comic book letterer

A quick note about sending edits to your letterer, as this is something thats caused some snarl-ups recently.

Now, this will speak squarely to the way I personally prefer to work, and other letterers might have their own preferred methods for this stuff. But for the life of me, I cant see a simpler way of doing things than this:

Its always better to send over a brief, succinct list of edits that detail what needs to be changed rather than a new version of a full script.

Sending over a new

HdE – comic book letterer

Ive updated my blog for the first time in forever with a little peek at The Boxmasters – written by Garret Gunn, with art by Stan Yak, and starring Bad Santa…

That Time I worked on a Comic For An Honest-to-God Movie Star

HdE – comic book letterer

A PSA FOR COMIC BOOK ARTISTS: When you propose changes to the lettering on the book youve drawn, please be aware of two things:

1. Unless youre a trained and studied letterer, your recommendation is what we classify as uninformed. You may want to think about whether its your business to speak up at all.

2. The letterer IS a trained and studied individual. And by nature of the speed letterers work at (sometimes knocking out two or three books a week) theyre likely to have accrued MUCH more…

HdE – comic book letterer

Something I shared via my personal Facebook page, which seems to bear repeating here:

Indie comic creators – be VERY wary of entrusting lettering to artists. 99% of the time, its false economy.

Ive been approached today with a job where a publisher has requested a complete re-lettering job on a book where the client tells me the artist charged an extra $5 per page for lettering their own work. That sounds like a good deal. until you see the quality of the lettering.

My client has effectively…

HdE – comic book letterer

Well, thanks to Comicrafts New Year sale, Ive added 7 brand new fonts to my library of fully licensed commercial typefaces.

Im looking forward to putting these to use in 2018!


HdE – comic book letterer, hde.

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