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May 1 2017

Has anyone recently used Holiday Cars car rental? Bargain Travel Forum #find #a #rental #home

#holiday car rental

Has anyone recently used Holiday Cars car rental?

I just had a bad experience with HolidayCars that started with a request for a quote for 15 days in Lisbon and Spain over the Dec/Jan time frame. I received a quote almost immediately. The email said that the quote was good for 30 days, after which it would not be. To make a reservation simply required clicking on a link. The email alleged no obligation or fee for a quote.

But in the meantime, I read comments on Rick Steves and decided that I didn t want to use a consolidator. Turns out that HolidayCars uses subcontractors, and some of the comments about their suppliers were not good (car in bad shape or mechanical difficulties, etc.). I decided to go with a known, international car company.

However, HolidayCars later sent an email saying that they used their own initiative to reserve a car for me . Since I didn t want a reservation or a car from them, I sent a reply to that effect, which then triggered a Cancellation Notice and charge for cancellation for a reservation that I didn t make. They claim that there is no charge for cancellation, but one showed up. Nor do I recall providing a credit card for only a quote. I think this practice is unethical and I will contest any potential charge to my credit card.

So even though the rates quoted are considerably lower than from regular car rental companies, which makes it temping to go with a consolidator, I will stick to the known companies. Hope this helps.

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