May 2 2017

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Our contents insurance at a glance

We’ve pulled out the key benefits of our contents insurance cover for you below.

Contents Insurance


  • Standard blanket cover of up to 50,000
  • Alternative accommodation cover up to 20% of the contents limit shown in your policy schedule, or 20,000, whichever is greater
  • Theft or attempted theft inside the home
  • Accidental damage to televisions, video and audio installations, and computer equipment
  • Accidental damage cover to fixed glass in furniture, mirrors, glass in shelves and free-standing ceramic hobs
  • Contents sum insured is automatically increased during your religious festival or wedding by up to 10% increase, up to a maximum of 3,000.

And for a little bit extra we also offer a range of additional cover to complement your contents insurance, giving you greater protection for your home.

Additional cover

Accidental damage optional cover – provides you with extended cover against accidental damage caused to your contents such as spills to your carpet.

Personal belongings and money cover – provides you with additional cover for personal possessions like cameras, jewellery and money against accidental damage, accidental loss or theft outside the home. They are covered for the amount specified by you up to a limit of 7,500 but money is covered up to 500 in total.

Home emergency cover covers property owners up to 1,000 against the cost of repairs for emergencies that make your home unsafe or insecure, cause more damage to your home and its contents if not resolved quickly or result in your home losing its main source of heating, lighting or water.

Legal expenses cover gives you support to protect and negotiate your legal rights on a number of legal issues and provides up to 50,000 cover.

Further optional extras include cover for pedal cycles, freezer contents and clerical business use.

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