Sep 23 2017

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Travel Protection Plan

Preserve your travel investment – and your peace of mind – with GTA Tours’ Travel Protection Plan.

The Travel Protection Plan is designed exclusively for GTA Tours’ program participants and represents a great value for travel protection. In the event that you become unexpectedly ill or injured before your trip, the plan may reimburse you for charges that are assessed due to cancellation. Proper medical coverage has become increasingly important while traveling outside the country. In addition, the plan addresses minor inconveniences like lost or delayed baggage. Benefits include:

Up to 150% of Trip Cost


Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service. provides emergency hotline for travel emergencies.

Important: This is only a brief description of the plan. Details regarding the plan are fully outlined in the Certificate/Policy of Insurance. The travel insurance benefits are underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. This plan is only valid once the appropriate plan cost has been received by GTA Tours.

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