Mar 22 2018

Greenway Prime Suite Clinical Financial Analytics: mdsANALYTICS

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mdsANALYTICS for Greenway Prime Suite

Why Do We Need Analytics?

Simply put: data is power. By using Greenway Prime Suite, you have invested substantial time capturing financial and clinical data. Even with accurate and comprehensive data capture, questions remain:

  • Are you capitalizing on your data to improve the quality of care you deliver to your patients?
  • Are you using it to understand trends in your A/R?
  • Do you know everything you need to know about your providers?

Until now, Greenway Prime Suite users have been limited by the reporting functionality within the product to gain insight into the health of their organizations. Like nearly all EHR software systems, the basic reporting functionality in Greenway does have limitations. It doesn t easily enable users to drill down into data, quickly spot trends and problems, and then share that data with other individuals within the organization.

Hosted Clinical and Financial Analytics for Greenway Prime Suite

Why does every organization need mdsANALYTICS?

  • Just a few small improvements to your clinical and financial performance can have a huge organizational impact
  • Cloud hosted, so there is no hardware to maintain
  • Pre-integrated for Greenway Prime Suite
  • Pre-built clinical and financial dashboards
  • Easy to learn browser interface!

Quick Video Demonstration

Overview of mdsANALYTICS

  • Designed for outpatient provider organizations of all sizes. Single practitioner groups to large enterprises using Greenway can run mdsANALYTICS. Dashboards can be customized to meet your needs, or you can simply use our pre-configured Prime Suite dashboards.
  • View your critical data in beautiful, visual dashboards. Drill down to discrete data elements, export the view to Excel or PDF, and even schedule future report runs.
  • No expensive interfaces to develop. mdsANALYTICS is completely pre-configured to interface directly with Greenway, so you won t incur development or interface costs.
  • No hardware to purchase. The system is cloud hosted by MDS, and easy to get up and running quickly.
  • Web-based and easy to use. Designed for the non-technical business user, so everyone in your organization can use mdsANALYTICS, not just the tech-savvy.
  • Replace Greenway reporting and Excel. Most customers will use mdsANALYTICS as a replacement for Greenway reports or manually generated Excel spreadsheets, saving time and money.

At its core it s a powerful web-based analytics tool that is easy to use for every Greenway Prime Suite user in your organization. You don t need to engage senior management, other employees, or the IT department in order to use it.

William Schroeder, CEO, MDS Medical

Clinical and Financial Dashboards

  • Financial Analytics : Gain a deep understanding of your financial health with comprehensive A/R graphics, trending information, and data. Easily identify top payers and denials.
  • Clinical Analytics . Measure progress toward clinical goals, including meaningful use and quality measures. Compare E M charges by provider or prior year to spot trends and drill into issues.

mdsANALYTICS Information Request Form

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