Aug 2 2017

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Graduate Programs

Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management

This program is designed in particular to meet the needs of graduates from undergraduate programs (e.g. Management, Business Administration, Industrial Relations, Industrial Psychology), who would like to complete five (5) HRM courses as part of their on-going professional development or to increase their opportunities for employment.

Diploma in Human Resources Management

Please note that if you were admitted to the Diploma in Human Resources Management program prior to Summer 2013, you must follow the study plan which was issued to you at the time of admission, prior to program revisions.

McGill’s Diploma in Human Resources Management program provides an introduction to the disciplines and core practices of human resources management (HRM). This program presents an overview of the specialized functions and some of the current and future issues in the area of HRM. Emphasis is placed on job related skills and knowledge used in the field of human resources throughout the diploma program. If you have completed an undergraduate degree, our Diploma in Human Resources Management will help you launch or reposition your career in the HRM profession.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will have met the academic requirements of the Quebec Human Resources Professional Association (ORHRI) and will normally be eligible to write the certification exam toward the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation (subject to experience requirements).

The following professional association may be of interest to students of human resources management:

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