Gossip in the workplace

Gossip in the workplace

Workplace gossip. How to stop gossip and rumors about you. ✅ CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: Gossing is sickenin…

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Workplace Gossip – How To Stop Gossips And Rumors About You At Work

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Workplace gossip. How to stop gossip and rumors about you. ✅ CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: Gossing is sickening, especially when the intent is to harm or hurt another person. It’s even worse when the gossiping is happening in the workplace. We about 90,000 hours or 1/3 of your life in the workplace. We deserve to be happy there. Unfortunately, some people thrive on gossiping. It’s their drug of choice. They need their fix every day. They love to start false rumors to make someone look bad. It’s painful and discussing if you are the victim. In this video, I share with you exactly what to do and how to stop gossip in its tracks. I remember how I was under the spell of a gossipper at my workplace. It was terrible! It felt like a bully was harassing me. I don’t wish that on anyone. Here’s what’s so unsettling about this: I did nothing to incite the gossiping. It’s not like I provoked the guy. But, all along, I took the high road. I never return the favor to him. I never said anything negative about him. I just did not want him to drag me to his level. Think about it this way: When a gossiper comes to gossip with you, it’s very easy to get caught up in the gossip ring. It’s easy for you to start gossiping as well. The reality is, the moment you tolerate the gossiper, you become one. Don’t be surprised if one day you hear your name in a gossip. Get ready for it. It’s inevitable. As the saying goes, you get what you tolerate. I have seen people breaking up good marriages and relationships with gossip. For some reason, some people get jealous when they see two people getting along well. Somehow, they feel left out. So, the best solution for them is to turn people against each other. The guy at work I was dealing with was very jealous. Years later, I discovered it was because I was up to something good in my life. At the time, I was reading a lot of books on personal development. I decided I was going to be a motivational speaker and I was going to write a book. I kept sharing all of that with the guy. And he was not comfortable knowing I could one be successful doing what I love.

When you make a decision, to be the best version of yourself; and when you decide to live your dreams, some people will get mad. They will do anything to destroy your dream. And one of the best weapons they have available is gossip and false rumors.


Gossip in the workplace


Gossip in the workplace

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