Nov 3 2017

Goat Health Record Form (Downloadable)

Winter and early spring are the time of year that I always find myself trying to update records (especially my goat health record form), and make sure everything is in place for the coming year.

It s when I have a little downtime from goats, gardens, chickens, etc. and can focus on getting reorganized. This year seems to be no different, and I m currently trying to get all the goat records in order.

The pregnant does are approaching a month from their due dates (here s the kidding schedule ), which means it s time to do their annual CD/T shot, and also give another BoSe shot and copper bolus.

The CD/T not only gives them immunity to overeating disease and tetanus, it also passes some immunity to the kids until they get their first shots. The BoSe and copper help to ensure they don t suffer from any mineral deficiencies and helps prevent things like floppy kid syndrome or white muscle disease in the kids.

Goat Health Record Form

We have too many goats for me to reliably remember exactly when I ve given each shot or supplement, so it s important for me to document it. I find that if I don t promptly document everything on each goat health record form, then I forget exactly when I did things.

I use a form (see example below) for keeping health records for the goats. It can be downloaded here if anyone s interested in modifying it for your own use (it s in Microsoft Office Word). I ve entered example information, just delete that and modify it however you wish for your own goats.

Bramblestone Farm Goat Health Record Form

This goat health record form seems to cover the basic information that I need if you come up with other suggestions or ideas for a better design, let me know! We find that keeping current with the annual vaccinations, health supplements, bolusing, and worming (as needed) really pays off in the health and appearance of our goats.

3*M Buttin Heads Calligraphy *D

Keeping good records seems like such an inconsequential thing; however, it becomes so important over time. If I get lazy and don t write things down, I m always sorry later. I find myself spending more time trying to figure out when I did things versus just recording it in the first place.

*B Bramblestone CQ Sandstone

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