#Georgia tourism board – #Video

#Georgia tourism board – #Video

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Georgia tourism board


Georgia tourism board

None of these really seem inspired. I understand that they are trying to appeal to a whole range of people, but they are mostly lame wordmarks. Some, like South Dakota and Oklahoma look like they haven’t been updated since the early 90’s. I hope North Carolina didn’t pay anybody to do theirs…it could have been created in Word.

I would tend to agree overall, identities like West Virginia especially demonstrate that some of these were created solely with Blending Options in Photoshop .
I will say that I am impressed with Georgia and Kentucky, with an honorable mention to Oregon.

Damn, I’m disappointed with my home state (New York) and my current home state (Nevada). Poor NY seriously needs a new design, that “I heart Whatever” is so outdated. And Nevada? C’mon, did the designers just phone that one in? In fact, it was so bland I almost missed it completely.

I Heart NY was actually design by a native New Yorker, Milton Glaser. It has proved to be one of the most successful and classic designs. Has it been over used? Sure. Outdated, I do not think so.

please do your research. the missouri logo is roughly three years old. just go to the site. it’s just a click away

I have always liked the Tennessee logo. The Kansas logo reminds me of Wal-Mart.

I went and visited the site and unless I’m missing something I see the same logo shown here. Was there something there that needed to be included?

north carolina is my favorite.

connecticut, what were they thinking? i see “connect,” yes, but i also see “i cut.”

These are fantastic. I think it would be so much fun to design state logos. You would get the chance to do all kinds of research about the state and let your creative energies go wild. What a fantastic learning opportunity. Thanks for pointing all of these out, they are great.

Wow, about 50% of these, if not more, are weak logos. There are some decent ones here though. Nevertheless, interesting post.

So glad to see that my state’s tourism is firmly stuck in the 80s. (Alabama, as though that were unclear.)

Kansas is sort of reminiscent of McCain’s logo, yes?

Best: Georgia. It looks good, has great energy and gives off a nice vibe.
Worst: Louisiana.

I must say, after doing only 10 provinces and 3 territories, I can really appreciate the amount of work that went in to gathering and verifying 50 of ’em! Kudos.

Again, great post Sam.

Check out the PP that Kentucky produced about their logo and brand:

Great compilation. The mark listed for Idaho is simply our name font and is used by many state agencies. Our tourism logo is a variation which uses this font in the context of our slogan “Adventures in Living”

Thanks so much for the positive feedback and the feature. I was really fascinated with the Kentucky branding process, great find.

Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll make a notation/adjustment on that, I am a fan of the logo in either variation. Great site!

Minnesota is lookin’ OK… but maybe only because we’re sitting pretty when compared to neighbors Ohio and Michigan. Yuck.

first off – great list! – second – go michigan! looks great – thirdly – whats up with n.carolina?? can somone explain whats going on there?

Missouri loves company.
New Mexico, cleaner than regular Mexico.
Jersey girls ‘aint trash, trash gets picked up.
Florida, stay awhile.
Wyoming, who cares?
License to IL.

It’s difficult to find the “least worst” of the bunch, but Illinois isn’t too bad. I’d get rid of the tacky state border graphic, though.

The SW really takes the cake here. It is funny how looking at all of these logos for these different states really makes you question if you would like to visit their state or not. I now have even less desire to ever visit South Dakota nor South Carolina.

Ouch, Oklahoma really is in need of a refresh! Good post.

the louisiana one made me laugh, doesnt look like a place id wanna visit has a real dungey look to it.

I am really loving the one for Washington. North Dakota and Mississippi are in the most need for a red in my opinion.

Really nice post. As others have said, some pretty weak logos here. Lots of reliance on font alone, and some of these are just odd. My personal views:

My favourites: New Hampshire, Vermont, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alaska and Hawaii.

Just missing the mark: Alabama (looks like it says ‘Sweet Alabama Home’); Georgia (looks like the logo of a 1980s PC manufacturer); Kentucky (nice idea, wrong font); Tennessee (looks like the label from a BBQ sauce bottle); California (is it drowning?)

Turkeys: most of the rest, but especially Connecticut (looks like a transit system logo); Pennsylvania (two different designs badly stuck together); Indiana and Kansas (look like logos for cheap courier firms); Ohio (that O does not belong in that logo); Colorado (what the hell does that slogan mean?); Washington (experiencewa – experience wha…?)

I know this refers to states, but you can’t leave out Washington DC’s logo.

I think a lot of them rely on text logos because they don’t want to single out one attraction over another in the state. I think some suffer from identity crisis. That and some states don’t really have attractions 🙂 The best logos, know what they are known for and capitalize! A great list nevertheless-thanks for sharing.

I’ve never seen the one for Colorado before and I’ve been living here for quite a while.

I guess I’m a sucker for my own state but I like the California logo. It’s easy going and friendly (in all lowercase) and shows the waves of the ocean (the most dominant feature of the state). My favorite, however, is a tie between Georgia and Alaska, two totally different concepts. I like the color and design of Georgia and the mountains incorporated into the Alaska logo. The biggest losers are the Dakota’s. I personally don’t know the difference between the two and having extremely similar texts in the logos certainly doesn’t help. Also, just because you slap Mt. Rushmore on your logo doesn’t distinguish it. It just looks like what it is, a quick and not though out decision.

Special (dis)honorable mentions: A lot of the states need to update their logos. Seriously, the 80’s were 20 years ago. Second (more specifically) Idaho had a good logo going for them and then they placed that awkward continental US graphic in there. I at first didn’t know it was part of their graphic.

Interesting to see all of these. My current state is Hawai’i and they do a good job on that one. Probably one my favorites. My home state (and state that I will be moving back to) is Nevada. I love the state but what a terrible logo. I’m sure they are referencing the fact that most people mispronounce Nevada (the first ‘a’ is long like in bat, not back like in father), however I don’t recognize the symbol they use above the ‘a’. Stupid logo, Nevada is about so much more-Lake Tahoe, beautiful mountains, wild horses, and lots of other cool stuff. My least favorite is Virginia is for Lovers! WTF does that mean? I’ve never been there, is it like really romantic? What were they thinking?

Great showcase 🙂 Liked the logo for Georgia and Kentucky but they are all great. Can’t really decide. They are clean and neat but eyecatching though.

My fav are NY, Florida, Maine, West Virginia and Georgia.

I don’t really like most if not all of the SouthWest logos.

North Carolina is where I live now, but, there is just nothing to it…i like Alaskas the best 🙂

I do actually like a few of these. Texas is clever.
Anyway, thanks for gathering these all in one spot.

Does anyone know of a site that sells caps with the state name and its logo on it, for any state? Hopefully, at a resonable rate.

Does anyone know of a site that has caps with state names and logos?

I love the simplicity of the I Love NY

i live in Carolina now, and i like your all logo collection.

wow, an awesome collection of brand identity you shared.

So many brand, luckily is that i know all of them.

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amazing pics i like it because they are so attractve and colorful nice buddy.

Since when are Texas and Oklahoma in the Southwest? Look at any map: they’re located smack-dab in the middle of the country. If anything, you should’ve stuck Nevada in with Arizona and New Mexico. Additionally, the logo for Nevada, while bland, is designed as such to help people pronounce it correctly. People from “back East” are especially prone to mispronunciation. The designer apparently felt it was necessary to sacrifice design for practicality, which is sad… not on the part of the designer, but through the fact that it’s pronounced incorrectly to such an extent to make it necessary.


#Georgia tourism board – #Video

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