Ge stock

Ge stock

Ge stock-Find out how to personally invest in GE by purchasing shares of General Electric Company common stock with GE Stock Direct or through a broker here.

Individual Investors

GE stock is widely held among individual investors, who can purchase it through GE Stock Direct or by contacting a brokerage firm. See below to learn more about how to purchase GE stock, and access other useful information.

GE Stock Direct

GE Stock Direct enables investors to buy shares of GE common stock directly from GE. Shares can be purchased by contacting GE’s transfer agent, EQ Shareowner Services. You can also buy GE stock through brokerage firms that act as a facilitator between individual investors and GE. GE common stock is listed on the: Visit these websites to see a list of authorized brokerage firms.

Stock Split

GE Common Stock has split 7 times since 1954:

Annual Report and Proxy E-Delivery

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Annual Report

Proxy Statement

Tax Statements

1099-DIV, 1099-B and 1042-S

  • The 1099-DIV statement is sent by January 31st each year, except for reporting amounts under $10.00.
  • 1099-B is sent by March 15th each year for all reporting amounts per the IRS.
  • 1042-S is sent by March 15th each year except for reporting amounts under $1.00.
For more information about these tax statements, contact GE’s transfer agent,
Equiniti Trust Company (EQ).

Prior to 2017

Investors seeking tax statements for periods prior to 2017 should contact Computershare.

Wabtec Corporation Stock Distribution

Transaction summary

On February 25th, 2019, GE completed the spin-off and subsequent merger of its transportation business with Wabtec Corporation (NYSE:WAB). Under the terms of the transaction, GE distributed all 8.7 billion shares of common stock of Transportation Systems Holdings Inc. (“SpinCo”) with respect to the shares of GE common stock outstanding as of the close of business on February 14, 2019 by means of a pro rata distribution (the “Spin-off”), and SpinCo and a subsidiary of Wabtec then merged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Record Date: GE shareholders must own GE stock by February 14th and hold through February 25th close of trade to be eligible to receive Wabtec shares. Exchange ratio: GE shareholders receive .005371 shares of Wabtec for every 1 share of GE owned. Shareowners receive cash in exchange for fractional interests. Fair Market Value: $78.06 per share, the closing stock price of Wabtec on February 25, 2019.* Cost Basis Adjustment to GE Shares: No change to historic cost basis of GE shares. Wabtec Cost Basis: A shareowner’s inclusion of the per share dividend amount in taxable income establishes the shareowner’s cost basis in the Wabtec shares. Tax Forms: GE shareholders will receive a Form 1099-DIV reporting the $78.06 per share dividend of Wabtec. If a shareowner receives cash in lieu of fractional shares, shareowner will receive a Form 1099-B. GE will not be filing form 8937 because the transaction has no impact on the tax basis in GE shares. * GE will use a value of $78.06 per Wabtec share for reporting purposes on the Form 1099-DIV that GE will send to its shareowners and the IRS. A shareowner should consult with its tax advisor regarding the fair market value of the Wabtec shares.

Synchrony Financial Exchange

On August 5, 2014, GE completed the initial public offering (IPO) of its North American Retail Finance business, Synchrony Financial, as a first step in a planned, staged exit from that business. Following the IPO, on November 17, 2015, GE completed the split-off of Synchrony Financial, through which the Company accepted 671,366,809 shares of GE common stock from its shareholders in exchange for 705,270,833 shares of Synchrony Financial common stock. Click here to learn more about terms of this exchange offer and for IRS Form 8937 “Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities”.

Stock Redemption Program

Due to low participation, GE ended the Stock Redemption program on November 10, 2016 for GE Stock Direct Investors. If you want to sell your shares of GE stock, please contact GE’s current transfer agent, Equiniti Trust Company (EQ). Note that sales are subject to a fee of $10 per transaction plus $0.15 per share sold. This fee structure was not changed as part of the switch to Equiniti Trust Company (EQ as new transfer agent.

Avoid Losing Your Shares to the
State as Unclaimed Property

Every U.S. state puts an obligation on shareholders to remain active or their shares will be considered lost. If investors fail to communicate regularly with GE, their state of residence can take their shares and, in many cases, sell them. Investors will be required to go to the state to reacquire them, but if the state has sold their shares, they will have lost all dividends and any increase in value. Every state has this law, often referred to as Unclaimed Property. If you hold stock directly with GE, these are the steps you can take to stay active as a shareowner:
  • Review and update your account details by contacting the GE’s transfer agent, Equiniti Trust Company (EQ), at least once every 3 years. The same rule applies for GE’s Dividend Reinvestment program.
  • Vote in the Proxy each year when opportunity is provided.
  • Cash your dividend checks promptly. To avoid lost checks, consider setting up Direct Deposit for dividend payments.
  • Report shareholder status changes. If your spouse or parent passed away owning GE shares, contact EQ Shareowner Services to re-register the shares.
  • Immediately sign and return contact letter(s) mailed from EQ.
If you have other questions about unclaimed property, please call or write GE’s Unclaimed Property team: Bruce SquillanteUnclaimed Property Controller Wava HoustonUnclaimed Property Manager


Ge stock


Ge stock

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