Jul 4 2017

GAME – Grand Theft Auto V #auto #body #paint

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Release Date – 18/11/2014*

GTA V once again takes you to Los Santos, as well as the beaches, countryside and hills that surround the city, ripe for more criminal escapades and more than a little driving, all in the pursuit of that most noble of goals – the almighty dollar.

Larger and more ambitious than any Grand Theft Auto game so far, GTA V reinvents the series with a bold new direction. Expect greater open-world freedom, improved storytelling and missions, and enhanced online multiplayer options through Rockstar’s new Crews – which you can even carry over from Max Payne 3.

All new for GTA V on PS4, Xbox One and PC is First Person Mode. Explore the highly detailed Los Santos County in single player and GTA Online through your characters eyes, bringing you closer to the action than ever before in a GTA game. Watch the Video now!

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*Release Dates:

17th September 2013 – Xbox 360 & PS3

18th November 2014 – Xbox One PS4

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