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Jul 31 2019

Future of Care, NYC, pharmaceutical companies in nyc.#Pharmaceutical #companies #in #nyc

Future of Care Pharmaceutical companies in nycNYC

Future of Care is an annual, New York City-based, medical entrepreneurship technology conference that convenes entrepreneurial, clinical, and financial stakeholders to facilitate the design , development , and successful integration of positively impactful medical technologies.

Data Exchange & Interoperability

  • Discover why HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources is actually “catching FHIRwith EHR’s and government

  • Explore the FHIR protocol itself and the application framework SMART on FHIR

  • Deploy a minimal example SMART on FHIR app that is compatible with the major EHR’s
  • 3D Design: Rapid Prototyping

    • Discover the main components of 3D design and prototyping

  • Discover how the once time and resource-intensive process of prototyping has recently become highly democratized

  • Familiarize yourself with basics of 3D printing

  • Create a scaled-up model of a simple medical device
  • Health & Medical Data Science

  • Explore common algorithms through interactive tutorials

  • Discover what machine learning can (and can’t) do

  • Apply what you’ve learned to current problems in medicine
  • Get to know our speakers, they’re fantastic.

    keynote speaker listed first, then in speaking order; more are on the way!

    Pharmaceutical companies in nyc

    Bunny Ellerin, M.B.A.

    Bunny is the Director of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program at Columbia Business School. She is also the co-founder and president of NYC Health Business Leaders (NYCHBL), a professional community of nearly 3,000 senior executives dedicated to building a healthcare ecosystem in the New York region. Prior to Columbia, she spearheaded InterbrandHealth’s digital efforts as Managing Director and also worked with several venture-backed healthcare companies in the digital and healthcare delivery sectors. She received a BA from Columbia University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

    Pharmaceutical companies in nyc

    Joe Habboushe, M.D., M.B.A.

    CEO/Co-founder @ MDCalc, CEO @ Vitalis Pharmaceuticals, Attending Physician @ NYU Medical Center

    Joe Habboushe, MD, MBA, is the CEO and co-founder of MDCalc, as well as the CEO of Vitalis Pharmaceuticals. He is also the creator and editor-in-chief of EMRA’s pocket guide series, The Basics of Emergency Medicine, and an emergency physician and assistant professor at NYU/Langone and Bellevue Medical Centers in New York City. Joe received an MD from Weill Medical College of Cornell University, an MBA in Healthcare Finance from Columbia University, and a BS in Mathematics from Yale University. He trained in emergency medicine at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital.

    Pharmaceutical companies in nyc

    Rahul Sharma, M.D., M.B.A., CPE, FACEP

    Emergency Physician-in-Chief @ New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell, Associate Professor @ Weill Cornell Medicine

    Dr. Rahul Sharma is the Emergency Physician-in-Chief for New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medicine. In this role, he spearheaded the first Emergency Department based Telehealth Express Care Service in the nation. Under his leadership, the department has also enhanced its research profile with a focus on the clinical implementation of technology and innovation. He also serves as Associate Director of the Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program with the Johnson School of Management at Cornell. Dr. Sharma received a combined MD/MBA degree from Tufts University. He subsequently trained at NYU/Bellevue Hospital, where he was selected as Chief Resident. He now serves on two American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) national committees, recently chairing the ACEP Emergency Medicine Practice Subcommittee on Triage.

    Pharmaceutical companies in nyc

    Deborah Estrin, Ph.D.

    Professor & Associate Dean @ Cornell Tech & Weill Cornell Medical College, Co-Founder @ Open mHealth

    Deborah Estrin, Ph.D. is Associate Dean and Professor of Computer Science at Cornell Tech in New York City and a Professor of Public Health at Weill Cornell Medical College. She is founder of the Health Tech Hub and directs the Small Data Lab at Cornell Tech, which develops new personal data APIs and applications for individuals to harvest the small data traces they generate daily. Estrin is also co-founder of the non-profit startup, Open mHealth. Previously, Estrin was on the UCLA faculty where she was the Founding Director of the NSF Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS), pioneering the development of mobile and wireless systems to collect and analyze real time data about the physical world and the people who occupy it. Dr. Estrin has authored over 700 scientific publications and has been featured as a speaker at TED Talks.

    Pharmaceutical companies in nyc

    Chad Bouton, M.S.

    Professor & Director, The Center for Bioelectronic Medicine @ The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

    Chad Bouton is the Director of the Center for Bioelectronic Medicine at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research at Northwell Health, where he also leads the Neurotechnology and Analytics Division. Mr. Bouton has over two decades of experience in biomedical technology, and works on projects such as brain implants to allow paralyzed patients to regain movement. He previously spent 18 years as research leader at Battelle Memorial Institute. Mr. Bouton has been a pioneer in the fields of cancer detection and neural bypass technology, and holds over 70 patents worldwide. His research has been featured on 60 Minutes and TEDx, and he was recognized by US Congress for his groundbreaking work on advancing medical devices.

    Pharmaceutical companies in nyc

    Mark G. Kris, M.D., FACP, FACCP, FASCO

    Chair of Thoracic Oncology @ Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Lead Physician @ MSK-IBM Watson

    Mark G. Kris, M.D. is the William and Joy Ruane Chair in Thoracic Oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and has served as the lead physician for the MSK-IBM Watson collaboration since 2012. In this role, he oversees the training of the IBM Watson cognitive computer to assist physicians and patients in choosing treatments. He has also been published over 300 times amongst his varied research interests, which include evaluating new anticancer agents and developing treatments for patients based on the molecular characteristics of their tumors.

    Pharmaceutical companies in nyc

    Murthy V. Devarakonda, Ph.D.

    Distinguished Research Staff Member & Manager @ IBM Research, IEEE Fellow

    Murthy Devarakonda, Ph.D. is the Principal Investigator of the Watson Medical Analytics project at IBM Research, which studies how Watson’s natural language processing and semantic reasoning can be applied to meet the cognitive challenges of physicians in using patient medical records. Long term, his research involves transforming results of data analysis into foundational observations which lead to new applications and system designs. Previously, he applied this methodology to the areas of IT discovery and dependency analysis, cloud computing, distributed systems, file systems, and storage. He is an ACM Distinguished Engineer and IEEE Fellow.

    Pharmaceutical companies in nyc

    New York Presbyterian Innovation Center

    The New York Presbyterian Innovation Center was established in 2014 to implement patient-focused technology solutions to clinical problems. One of the Innovation Center’s major initiatives has been the creation of NYP’s extensive telehealth program, OnDemand. To optimize the development of OnDemand, the Innovation Center worked closely with three telehealth vendors – American Well, Grand Rounds, and Avizia – all of whom will offer their own input as part of our Future of Care telemedicine panel. With capabilities ranging from Express Care emergency medical service to virtual inter-hospital consults, OnDemand is a prime example of successful integration of health technology into a large healthcare system.

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