Sep 21 2016

Full Coverage Auto Insurance – Finding the Cheapest and Best Full Coverage Policy for your Car

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How Much Auto Insurance coverage is enough?

To know how much insurance you need, and to be sure you have full coverage insurance if that is what you want, you need to talk with a licensed insurance agent. You can get a quote for the price by either talking with an agent, or you can receive an online quote by providing certain information on a website. Bear in mind that cheap insurance is not always the best insurance. Be sure you completely understand what will be covered in any package you purchase, compare different coverages and even get quotes from several different companies.

If your car has a lien against it, meaning you still owe the bank money for it, you will need to have enough insurance to cover it in the event of any kind of damage. If a vehicle is totaled in a wreck, you still owe the amount left on the loan to your lending agency. If you are about to purchase an auto, you will have to show enough insurance to cover the amount of the loan. This will mean making sure you have full coverage for any damage that might occur to the car.

If a car is a total loss in an accident, insurance companies pay only what the car is worth at the time of the accident, not the price you paid for it, even if the damage occurs the same day you bought it. If you owe money on it, you will be responsible for the balance if it is not fully covered. According to, the coverage limit refers to the maximum policy amount that a company will pay for an accident. Have a thorough discussion with a licensed agent to determine exactly what your policy will cover.

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