Apr 16 2018

Freedom Park

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To be a leading national and international icon of humanity and freedom.

To provide a pioneering and empowering heritage destination in order to mobilise for reconciliation and nation building in our country; to reflect upon our past, improving our present and building our future as a united nation; and to contribute continentally and internationally to the formation of better human understanding among nations and peoples.

In carrying out its mandate, Freedom Park is committed to the following values:

Tolerance of diversity

Since Denis Goldberg, ANC veteran, saw this exhibition six years ago in Germany he has wanted to present it in South Africa and throughout Africa. People in Africa and elsewhere who fought for the liberation of the world from Nazi terror and fascism deserve to be acknowledged and to be respected. It is a spiritual and psychological restitution that the world has to make. The exhibition is a timely contribution to the current discussions at South African Universities on the “decolonisation of education.” The exhibition has been widely displayed in various cities in Germany. It has been translated into English so that it may be shown in numerous venues in South Africa and in Africa and perhaps other countries of the Third World.

Courtesy Denis Goldberg Foundation

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