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Free Real Estate Contract Forms and Lease Rental Agreements. #crested #butte #real #estate

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Free Real Estate Contract Forms

Our free real estate contract forms and lease or rental agreements can assist you in the selling, renting or management of your property.

Maybe you own an apartment or two, or you have a flat or house or business premises that you wish to rent.

Letting / rental agents can charge up to 15% (more than a months rent) to secure a tenant for a year and an additional 5% to “manage” the property – collect the rent, visit the premises, authorize repairs etc. In the case of a holiday apartment – geographically too far from your home – it might make sense, but if the rental property is close enough you can keep an eye on it yourself.

Although an oral agreement may be enforceable (especially for short-term agreements) it all too often happens that disputes arise over:

  • What is included or excluded in the rental
  • Whether pets are allowed
  • How many people may occupy the dwelling etc.

Even if you were to enter into an agreement with a trusted friend, neighbor or colleague, it is always advisable to do so in writing. You can easily copy any of the free real estate forms into your word program and edit it to suit your requirements.

Follow our easy instructions to print or edit on this page: free legal forms online .

Free Real Estate Contract Forms and Rental Agreement Templates:

Rental Application Fees – What are the rights of a landlord

  • Rejection Letter – To be issued to unsuccessful rental applicants
  • Property Rental Agreement – Rental agreement format for House Rentals
  • Lease Agreement – Lease agreement template for Apartment Rentals
  • Simple Rental Template – Weekly or month to month rental agreement or even longer lease
  • Security Deposit Receipt – Advisable to issue whether legally required or not
    Security Deposit Guidelines – The landlord’s rights and obligations
  • Rent Receipt Template – May be a legal requirement, subject to a fine if not issued
  • Lease Renewal Agreement – A convenient way to formalize the extension of the rental term
  • Guarantor Application Form – To capture information of the guarantor
  • Guarantor Agreement – Offers additional security for payment of the rent
    Rent Guarantee Guidelines – What is the most effective way to set it up
  • Eviction Notice to Quit – Sample legal document
  • Power of Attorney – Empower your Agent to manage your real estate investments
  • Affidavit of Residence – To be used with a lease agreement to prove residency
  • Important Note!

    Please refer to this page: Become a Landlord for additional information on:

    • The Eviction Process – Stay Within the Law
    • Tenant Screening Tips
    • What are a Renter’s Rights
    • What is the Best Rental Price
    • Should You use a Property Management Company
    • Short Term Rental vs Long Term Lease – Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Moving Out Checklist

    For more detailed examples on what may not be included in a rental agreement format. please refer to the information on Renter’s Rights .

    Our free real estate contract forms are not intended to replace the valuable input that a real estate attorney can offer, especially when it comes to specific housing laws in your area. You should ideally use them as templates to create your own custom documents and then have them reviewed by a lawyer.

    If you need help with a Residential Lease Agreement for your area, then visit LawDepot – links to specific countries are at the bottom of their pages. Make use of their Free 1 Week Trial option to see how it can work for you. Click on the link to start creating your Lease / Rental Agreement .

    Investing in Real Estate

    Real estate offers many advantages when it forms part of a retirement investment plan.

    Apart from the capital growth, there are many tax benefits to be gained from rental properties – more than most other investments.

    The interest on mortgage loans, costs associated with repairs, running a home office to manage the properties, travel costs to your rental units and insurance premiums are just a few examples of tax deductible expenses.

    Tenant Tip: If you find a really great tenant (who passed your screening with flying colors), offer them the twelfth month free on a year-long agreement provided all monies are paid on time and the property is in the same condition as when the rental started. (What the heck – that is the same amount you would have paid the letting agent, if in your country this money is payable by the landlord) but in exchange you give a great incentive to the tenant to sign and stay for a year, pay on time and to take care of the property to qualify for the free month.


    The free rental agreement forms are provided as sample documents and are general and generic in nature. When using them you can modify them to suit your circumstances but must ensure that they comply with the legal requirements in your state or country, e.g. anti-discrimination or fair housing laws, privacy rights of a tenant, health and safety codes, rent control etc.

    If you are not using the services of a real estate attorney, you must investigate your local laws to the best of your ability and then when using our free real estate contract forms to compile your agreements, it is advisable to add the following clause:

    If any clause, or part of a clause, is found to be invalid or unenforceable by an appropriate court of law, all the remaining clauses of this agreement will remain in full force and effect and binding on both parties, as if such invalid or unenforceable clause had never been included.

    Incidentally, if you are presented with an agreement such as a mandate to sell your property, you need not accept the contract in its entirety. Negotiate clauses such as the period of the initial mandate and for how long thereafter commissions will still be payable on agent referrals.

    When entering into an agreement with a real estate broker to lease your property, you must reserve your right to rent the property yourself with no commission due to the broker.

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