Oct 2 2016

Flying on a Dime: The 3 Best Websites To Find Cheap Flights #one #travel #select

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Flying on a Dime: The 3 Best Websites To Find Cheap Flights

The holiday season is upon us and many of us are planning trips. A question I get all the time is how can I find a cheap flight?  To answer that question, I will cover 3 cheap flight websites for your flying escapades – 2 of them have worked great for me flying from the United States to all over the world and the last one was suggested by the MakeUseOf founder Aibek Esengulov for being a great website for finding flights from Europe to elsewhere.

So hopefully we have got you covered with these 3 sites:

CheapFlights (US only) – CheapFlights is my first go-to cheap flight website to start looking for inexpensive flights. I have probably used them over 100 times in the last 5 or 6 years. I consistently find good deals and most of the time at the last minute.

Go ahead and fill out where you are coming from and going to select your flexibility and hit the find deals now button.

Once you hit that button, the site will do its magic searching like so:

You will see the dates are scattered over the next month or so – see if one floats your boat and click on it to go to the corresponding site and book it!

Next up is Cheapo Air. Cheapo Air has international flights both ways. When you get to their homepage it will look like every other major air flight finding service but it will find you some seriously cheap flights – there might be 2 or 3 stops or even a layover – but if cheap is your goal here you will find a flight.

You have to specify an exact date and time range to where you are going and it will find you the cheapest rates available.

Cheapo Air returned cheap flights as you can see below:

$219! That beats our original site by $70. For someone looking to to save some money, not bad! The trip includes 1 hour and 2 minutes of a layover in Atlanta and they switched my home airport from JFK to Newark, not bad!

Our last site is called SkyScanner which does United States flights as well as European flights. SkyScanner should be your site of choice for booking flights that start or end outside of the United States.

Fill out your information and let’s see what she returns”¦

So going from the United States to the Bahamas costs a lot more from here, but looking for airfares from the United Kingdom to New York we see some great deals:

They let you build your round trip by selecting one flight from the left and one from the right.

You can find some great deals from all three of these sites.  But I’m sure there are plenty of other sites where you get your cheap flights from. Feel free to share your favorite sites in the comments!

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