Florida state colleges and universities \ Video

Florida state colleges and universities \ Video

#2019 #Top #Public #Universities #in #Florida

Florida state colleges and universities


2019 Top Public Universities in Florida About this List

The Top Public Universities ranking is based on rigorous analysis of academic, admissions, financial, and student life data from the U.S. Department of Education along for millions of reviews from students and alumni. The ranking compares over 500 public colleges and state universities. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

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Best Programs

Social Scene

University of Florida

  • 4 Year
  • Gainesville, FL

Niche User : The University of Florida has provided me with the experience to not only growth in an academic perspective but also in my personal development. Through its rigorous academic elements and the high level of competition, this institution has allowed me to develop critical thinking skills that have made a difference in my everyday life. The diversity found in campus including clubs, greek life, and ethnicity have change the way that I perceived my community and has let me to become more involved with my surroundings. Although there’s always room for improvement, I believe the University of Florida provides every student in campus with a great opportunity to achieve their goals and continue their path in striving for excellence. I will forever be grateful to be a part of the GATORS!
Read 7,005 Reviews

Florida State University

  • 4 Year
  • Tallahassee, FL

Alum : I received a high quality education at FSU. I liked the newness of many of the classrooms (implementation of Smart, up-to-date technology) that somehow did not sacrifice the traditional, historical aesthetic to do so. I felt I received a Mona Lisa Smile experience at the in-state tuition price! There was huge versatility of choice in majors and program-specific internship opportunities. Most of all, I was serviced with fantastic one-on-one advisor attention throughout my entire bachelor’s course (4 years). Excellent free help labs (economics, accounting) and tutoring services. Excellent gym.
Read 6,837 Reviews

University of South Florida

  • 4 Year
  • Tampa, FL

Freshman : USF has been an amazing experience for me so far! The campus is absolutely beautiful, and the benefits go above and beyond, with fitness classes, health services, tv streaming services, and much more included in your tuition. You even have access to free tampons, pads, and condoms available at all of the health centers on campus. Professors are helpful and there are plenty of tools on campus to help you thrive! There are hundreds of clubs you can join, and it is very diverse. Not to mention Busch Gardens is a 10 minute drive away!
Read 6,452 Reviews

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Daytona Beach

  • 4 Year
  • Daytona Beach, FL

Niche User : I got accepted for Astronomy/Astrophysics at the Daytona Beach Campus. I’m thrilled about this. I was emailing the Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Megan Spurrel, and I 90% do not recommend contacting her with questions and you’re better off emailing someone else on the admissions team. I was asking about the Worldwide program and wondering if I would be able to transfer to it if my major was offered by the program and whatnot (it’s not.) Never did I say I definitely wanted to transfer, and I never asked her to cancel my application but she took it upon herself to do so (I emailed her back before she did, thankfully.) I find it ridiculous that she would assume that was okay when I was ONLY INQUIRING. I’ve read through the emails, there is no way she should’ve gotten confused and believed it was alright to cancel my application. Besides her, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the institution. I hope that everything works out so I can attend!
Read 1,306 Reviews

University of Central Florida

  • 4 Year
  • Orlando, FL

Freshman : The University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL) is a great public university with many options available for its students. Even though it is only my first semester here I can already see what an amazing school it is. Friendly students, caring facility, and a gorgeous campus are only a few attributes that make this campus on to remember! One thing I would hope to see changed on campus is the diversity of students. Most students who attend the University of Central Florida are from Orlando. I would enjoy it if there was more variety.
Read 20,710 Reviews

Florida International University

  • 4 Year
  • Miami, FL

Graduate Student : Home of the Panther! FIU is a diverse university with many outside entertainments and school fundraising activities. Amazing, caring, professional educators who holds each student accountable for their work. Excuses are not tolerable at this university as each student is expected to deliver assignments on time or before any listed deadlines. The setting of the campus is beautiful, immaculate, and surrounded by various food locations. The campus is also enormous and can be difficult for students who are incapacitated or disabled to attend their classes on time. More elevators should be created to accommodate these students.
Read 6,358 Reviews

University of North Florida

  • 4 Year
  • Jacksonville, FL

Sophomore : At the University, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow! We have different things for many different people. There is a lot to get involved in, and the faculty and students are always encouraging furthering education. The dorms are nice, as well as the eating places on campus. We have an awesome gym with rope climbing, and the university offers many water activities on our lake. We have obstacle courses, and free shuttle transportation. Here there will be always something to do. Meet new friends and higher your education all while enjoying the college life. I would recommend this college to everyone i come in contact with!
Read 2,530 Reviews

University of South Florida – St. Petersburg

  • 4 Year
  • St. Petersburg, FL

Sophomore : I love USFSP! The campus is beautiful, and the waterfront has many activities to keep students busy . There is always something to do, and the community aspect of the school is amazing! Making friends has not been difficult because the activities foster a friendly environment. I have loved all of my professors as well. They are extremely knowledgeable in what they teach, and they make learning engaging and interesting. The smaller size of the school supports building relationships with professors, and the school leadership knows many students by name.
Read 457 Reviews

Florida A&M University

  • 4 Year
  • Tallahassee, FL

Sophomore : I LOVE the comradery demonstrated at Florida A&M University. There is so much pride and history associated with being a Rattler. Administrators and students alike want to see you win and are always there to lend a hand. It is as if everyone gets that if I WIN, everyone WINS! My first year being away from home took some adjusting, but that has turned into me having a 2nd home at Florida A&M University. Academically, there is so much support for me and it’s taught me a whole different level of achievement.
Read 2,396 Reviews

Florida Gulf Coast University

  • 4 Year
  • Fort Myers, FL

Freshman : The first few days before classes started, there were a lot of student activists to get involved in. I feel very safe on the campus which was a main concern of mine. The school, dorms, and grounds are always keep clean. The administration personal and teachers are all very patient and helpful. No matter where you come from, there is always somewhere you can fit in. I love FGCU!
Read 2,298 Reviews

University of West Florida

  • 4 Year
  • Pensacola, FL

Freshman : UWF has a phenomenal talent for dealing with students who have special needs, as far as I know they are one of the best schools in the nation for helping handicapped students, although I am not a member of that community specifically, I am glad to know I am a part of a school who takes care of individuals in such a caring, and understanding way. Continually, the STEM program here is amazing! My one gripe to keep it from getting 5 stars, is the myuwf homepage, as it is poorly designed and non-intuitive in most ways, however seeing as I use that page nearly every day, it is somewhat of a large problem. Overall though, in terms of learning, and campus enjoyment, absolutely lovely college!
Read 1,641 Reviews

New College of Florida

  • 4 Year
  • Sarasota, FL

Sophomore : New College of Florida is the best college for those who are actually interested in learning the material, rather than getting an easy A and moving on. The amount of students in each class is fairly small which allows for great seminar discussions on the readings we’re assigned. The professors are also very considerate and appreciate actually interacting with students one-on-one. We have a really helpful Writing Resource Center where students who have taken Pedagogy in Practice are assigned as Student Writing Assistants; this helps students feel a lot more comfortable with sharing their writing because the SWAs are students too. Our Counseling and Wellness Center is so helpful for both physical and emotional concerns- they were actually part of the reason I made it through this year, the other part were the professors. There is also a huge LGBT+ and body positive vibe/culture at NCF that allows both students and professors to really be themselves.
Read 417 Reviews

Florida Atlantic University

  • 4 Year
  • Boca Raton, FL

Freshman : My experience so far has been great! Many professors welcome you with open arms and you can see that they really want to teach. It is a clean university and there are plenty of clubs to join or places to hang out at. There are also places to study and you can always ask for extra help if needed. There are many different varieties to eat at and the university is very diverse. There is always something to do and most days there are stands on the Breezeway that inform you about clubs, other universities or programs that individuals can join. Also the advisers are great and they will do everything they can to help out.
Read 4,192 Reviews

Chipola College

  • 4 Year
  • Marianna, FL

Sophomore : Affordable, easy access, and the professors are wonderful. They actually enjoy students who are eager to learn and work to make sure students are successful. Courses are offered at convenient times. Administrators, counselors, and staff are equally great at promoting the success of their students. I have attended Chipola full time for two years now, including 3 online courses, and I absolutely LOVE it. I live 45 minutes away and my academic advisor worked with me to schedule all my classes for the same two days per week so I wouldn’t have to make the drive every day. WONDERFUL school!!
Read 154 Reviews

Santa Fe College

  • 4 Year
  • Gainesville, FL

Alum : It was PERFECT for me! Santa Fe College gives so much grace to students who stumble in the beginning of the college career. And I’m not meaning they pass you without you even trying, but they give you the resources to improve yourself. It was definitely God’s plan(no Drake reference) for me to attend Santa Fe fresh out of high school. The staff and instructors are so sweet, at least the ones I was taught under. And the students are just as a friendly. Everybody is motivated to continue their careers and work really hard. I’m happy to have received my AA degree from them.
Read 1,269 Reviews

Valencia College

  • 4 Year
  • Orlando, FL

Sophomore : Class sizes are small and professors usually make an effort to know everyone in the class. Some professors are amazing and genuinely want to help students learn and succeed; however, some are also lazy or unclear in their assignment directions. It’s definitely important to research to find the best professor for your learning style. Overall, I’ve had a very positive experience at Valencia. The library is an amazing resource with free computers and study rooms available. The books there have helped me immensely with my essays. Some information is best found in books, rather than online. The college is also subscribed to a wide variety of academic journals, which are also useful for research or just for leisure reading. Academic advisers are readily available to help students plan their academic and/or professional careers, and a tutoring center is often open to help with difficult classes. There’s so many resources available to students that it’s almost a challenge to fail!
Read 5,185 Reviews

Florida Gateway College

  • 4 Year
  • Lake City, FL

Sophomore : Florida Gateway College was absolutely the best choice I could have made. Coming out of high school, I was a bit weary about how I was going to transition between a really small school to college level work, but FGC was extremely helpful. I love how hands on the professors and guidance counselors are. The facilities are nice, open, and clean. My surrounding classmates were very friendly and willing to help me with any trouble I had. My favorite experience being at FGC was when I got to work on a cadaver in Anatomy & Physiology 1. I knew I have always wanted to work in the health field, however this was my first hands on test. Thankfully, I could not have loved it more! One thing I would like to see change at FGC is the athletic programs. I know it is a small college, but we still should have some indoor sports for us students. All in all, FGC is the place to be!
Read 308 Reviews

St. Petersburg College

  • 4 Year
  • Clearwater, FL

Sophomore : For me, this school has provided me with the best possible college experience that I could ask for! The college gives its students a plethora of opportunities to receive tutoring and mentoring every semester in both specific subjects (like statistics and chemistry) and in assisting students to with their chosen academic field of study. Furthermore, the college hosts a significant number of career and academic events that help students gain more knowledge and understanding of what to expect after they have finished college and enter the workforce. However, the most notable characteristics of this institution for me is both the proficiency of its professors in teaching their specialized subjects and the college’s striving to create a community amongst its students.
Read 2,373 Reviews

South Florida State College

  • 4 Year
  • Avon Park, FL

Niche User : My overall experience with South Florida State College is simply amazing! I am stunned by the diversity and the accomplishments of many there. Mostly, I am amazed with the professors there. They maintain an well thought out plan and execution for students like me.
Read 331 Reviews

St. Johns River State College

  • 4 Year
  • Palatka, FL

Sophomore : St. Johns River State College is a great school! I am a dual enrollment high school student and they are so accommodating and welcoming to new people. All of the clubs are very interesting and the professors are very knowledgeable about their respective subjects. The professors are also very good about answering questions in and outside of the classroom and are willing to help you to understand things. This is an amazing college; if they offered the major I wanted for my Bachelor’s, I would definitely stay.
Read 589 Reviews

Tallahassee Community College

  • 4 Year
  • Tallahassee, FL

Sophomore : I love all of the culture and academic involvement. There are so many opportunities to advance and get involved. From counselors to clubs, this college has it all! If I could change one thing, it would be to add more light posts at night. During night classes, there are dark areas on campus. Luckily, police escorts are available at all times. I love this school and am beyond grateful to be a student here.
Read 1,259 Reviews

Florida State College at Jacksonville

  • 4 Year
  • Jacksonville, FL

Sophomore : My experience at Florida State College at Jacksonville was wonderful! My most favorite attribute about the college is how connected they are with their students. The college offers free tutoring and mentoring for the students. Also the professors at Florida State College at Jacksonville connect well with their students. The professors will arrange face-to-face appointments to help improve the students grade in need be. There are many resources at this college such as the gym to get physically healthy. There are many organizations such as Bible Club, Gay/Straight alliances, Student Government! All theses organizations are accessible and easy to be apart of. Everybody is welcomed here!
Read 2,021 Reviews

Seminole State College of Florida

  • 4 Year
  • Sanford, FL

Sophomore : I have just recently transferred over to SSC from Daytona State College, and i am completely in love with this school. The campus is beautiful, the advisors are so helpful and kind, especially Mrs. Walkover (10/10 recommend her)! The classrooms are smaller which is great because you can get a lot of 1 on 1 attention when you need help, and lastly but not least the campus does a lot of fun activities, all mostly held within the recently built student center! This school is great for any first year college students looking for a comfortable start with excellent teachers, staff, and students.
Read 1,009 Reviews

Miami Dade College

  • 4 Year
  • Miami, FL

Alum : I loved loved loved my time at Miami Dade College. Although Broward was closer to me at the time, I chose to go to Miami Dade because they had better ratings. I really appreciate the number of classes they have available online. That really helped me out big time when it came to time management and travel expenses. The only frustrating experience was near the end when it came to graduation requirements. Between them switching to a new system and switching through several “counselors” I did some extra classes that weren’t even required in the end. However, despite that, all in all, a great experience! The graduation ceremonies are nice too!
Read 5,197 Reviews

Indian River State College

  • 4 Year
  • Fort Pierce, FL

Alum : Staying local to attend college was such a wonderful experience! The faculty and staff at Indian River State College as well as the curriculum adequately prepared me for life outside of the classroom. IRSC gave me a scholarship that paid for all of my B.S. Degree which has given me such an advantage in life! I am forever grateful. They all worked with me to assist me in achieving my ultimate potential.
Read 1,159 Reviews

Gulf Coast State College

  • 4 Year
  • Panama City, FL

Alum : Gulf Coast State College is a very diverse campus. The age demographic is very wide. It’s not only common to see fresh out of high school students but also thirty or forty-year-old students wanting a career change.

Also, each school year the college is expanding its programs to offer quality careers in new workforces. For example, unmanned vehicles and 3D printing (not only plastic, their culinary program has a 3D chocolate printer).

With a student ratio of 18:1, they have smaller classes that allow more time to be available for questions and in-depth conversations in class topics.

I’m very proud to be a Commodore!
Read 487 Reviews

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide

  • 4 Year
  • Daytona Beach, FL

Graduate Student : Professors and advisers are extremely helpful, very specific and specialized degree fields! I was able to get a full time job in my field right after receiving my bachelors degree from the Daytona campus then almost immediately started on my Master’s work. Its an expensive school, but the return on your investment will be well worth it.
Read 312 Reviews

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