May 12 2018

Fire Your Job, Hire Yourself How to Start Your Own Business Best Guide, job hire.#Job #hire

Fire Your Job, Hire Yourself

How can I start my own business? What does it take to start a business on the side while working at a job? How can I transition from a job to a business startup? How can I safely start a successful small business and then fire a job that I hate? Do any of these phrases sound like you? Do you feel that there is an entrepreneur inside of you that has dreamed for too long about starting your own business?

Of the working population, 84% hate their jobs and 10% strongly desire to start their own business. This website serves that 10% who are serious, and the majority of others who dream about it, but have no clue where to start. That s a big audience!

Isn t this website related to the book? Yes it is. But it is so much more! It is dynamic and changes to stay current and relevant. There is a TON of valuable information on this website, far more than initially meets the eye. Throughout the book, there are links (some public and some private) to pages in this website that provide downloadable spreadsheets, forms, additional information and resources.

The blog has excellent information about how to start your own business, how to make your business successful, and how to safely leave your job. The blog has epic posts by the book s author and you should find the content actionable, useful, and life-changing.

The newsletter is more of a series of how-to manuals and opportunities to flourish as a business owner. It is not annoying or too frequent, and is full of valuable information and free material.

The groups and forums are full of your peers, all seeking business success like you. Learn from their mistakes. Share your own experience. Ask questions. The author and other successful entrepreneurs (mentors) frequent these forums to answer questions and share valuable insights. It is all free.

Job hireThe book, however, puts all the pieces together into a logical and powerful tool to help you start your own business or boost your existing business to a higher level. We believe that the book will be the best investment that you ll make for your business. In certain areas of the book, it will link the reader to this website and other resources to provide extra depth, lists of resources, downloadable forms and spreadsheets, and excellent examples.

Fire Your Job = Learn how to be smart about making plans to leave your job, or modify your job, to develop your business. Learn how others have done it and start preparing your own journey as an entrepreneur!

Hire Yourself = Learn what you need to know to start your own business, in almost any field you choose. This book and website are full of quality information, and even a little helpful humor, to get your business out of your dreams and into reality. and to do it successfully!

The author of the book is an employee-turned-entrepreneur who started multiple businesses of varying types, and whose consulting company helps many other businesses get started, or moved to a higher level of performance. This book is the result of extensive research, personal experience, and interviews with successful business owners who made the transition themselves. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and need a workable strategy to fire your job and start your own business or move your existing business to a higher level, this book will change your life.

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