Feb 4 2018

Finding a Remote Job, finding a job.#Finding #a #job

Finding a Remote Job

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Mike Gutman

Michael Gutman is a marketing expert focused on the intersection of lifestyle, sustainability, and business. These interests collide in his position as director of marketing at FlexJobs, where he connects people and companies with the value of flexible work. Michael imagines a future where people are unchained from their desks and have the freedom to work wherever they want.

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  • University Professor
  • Consultant
  • Software Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Consultant

Где они работают

  • IBM
  • US Army
  • Accenture
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • EY

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Транскрипт курса

– If you thought hunting for a remote job might be similar to that of a traditional, in-office job search, you should probably think again. Before you get to searching, you first need to understand what a remote job actually is. A remote job is just one way of describing a job that is not performed in an office. Other terms that are often associated with remote jobs are telecommuting jobs, virtual jobs, home-based jobs, or even work-from-home jobs. These are important to know just because employers use different terms to describe at home positions. Knowing how remote jobs are listed on job search boards can also help speed up your search and clue you in on which jobs can be done remotely and also which can t. So, if you re in the market for a remote job, know that there are some differences to be aware of, but in my opinion, you just cannot beat the lifestyle.

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