Aug 6 2017

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LPN to RN (ADN/BSN) Programs

By earning your RN degree, whether in an Associates or Bachelors level program, you can improve your earnings, expand your scope of practice and widen your influence within the nursing profession. Since you already have experience as a nurse, you have an advantage when it comes to earning an advanced degree. You already know much of the basis behind nursing skills and can easily expand your knowledge base to include detailed nursing theories, quality care processes and nursing practice in a variety of new settings.

You can also gain a greater sense of autonomy by becoming an RN, as you will be responsible for more delegation, independent assessments, care planning and documentation. All of this goes along with the fact that you will be legally permitted to perform several higher level nursing interventions than are currently allowed under most LPN license standards. The enhanced freedom and respect that can result from earning your RN degree is often enough of a draw for many LPNs to move ahead with returning to nursing school.

Earning your RN can also result in an increase in salary and job options, which is a considerable draw for many nurses these days). The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the mean annual salary for LPNs and LVNs in the U.S. is $42,910 or $20.63 per hour. If you become an RN, you can expect a mean income of $68,910 annually or $33.13 hourly, which is significantly higher. Earnings potential coupled with greater nursing autonomy can be a powerful motivator in the decision to move from LPN practice to RN practice.

As you can see, there are quite a few LPN to RN bridge programs to choose from. The easiest way to search them is to use the links below to check out the full list of LPN to RN programs in the state where you live. You can then request more information directly from the schools in your area.

You should also check out the website of that state’s Board of Nursing, which will give you important information on nursing in that state, including RN licensure requirements, costs and renewal information. You can also visit other pages on our site to learn more about LPN-RN curriculum, benefits and ways to earn your LPN to RN online.

Can I Become an RN Through an Online LPN-RN Program?

The short answer, fortunately, is yes. There are a small number of online LPN to RN programs offered by universities across the US. When you speak with the schools that offer them, you should make sure to find out how often (if at all) you will be required to come to campus – some programs described as “online” still require you to show up for a few weekends each semester, or something similar.

Lorry Schoenly, PhD, RN is a nurse writer and educator with over 25 years of experience. She has been certified in five different clinical specialties including critical care and emergency nursing. Starting as an associate degree registered nurse, she continued her schooling in traditional and distance-learning settings to obtain a BSN, MSN, and PhD in nursing while working full-time and raising a family. Lorry teaches nursing in a variety of settings including webinars and online nursing courses.

An LPN to RN program incorporates current nursing experience at LPN licensure level while expanding your understanding of nursing practice and leadership at the RN level. RN’s have greater career mobility and greater autonomy of practice.

There are both classroom and online options available to make this transition. The time commitment may be as short at 18 months or extended out if your life situation requires part time attendance. Most programs are flexible to encourage enrollment of working nurses.

Look for a program that will maximize the nursing education and experience you already have. If you are only a few years into your LPN career, check back with your LPN school to see if they have an affiliation with any RN programs. Affiliation agreements greatly benefit you, as they smooth the way between schools and speed the acceptance process.

LPN to RN programs most often start at the Associate Degree level. Coursework strengthens anatomy and physiology understanding while improving microbiology and chemistry knowledge to interpret basic laboratory and diagnostic tests. Courses will also include leadership development, communication skills and aspects of professional nursing practice. Many LPN to RN programs have a clinical component. If enrolled in an online program, this may require seeking out a clinical experience on your own.

Completion of an LPN to RN program is the first step toward an RN license. With careful selection and planning, you can meet your career goal.

Online programs may not be available in all areas

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