Fight back

Fight back

Fight back The moment of January 21, 2017 was more than just an inspiration. It demonstrated that we are an army of activists and together we can do big things to create

Fight back

The moment of January 21, 2017 was more than just an inspiration. It demonstrated that we are an army of activists and together we can do big things to create electoral change from the State House to the White House.

Fight Back PAC is your home for election activities. Together, we will forge consensus around the campaigns we want to dedicate our grassroots community to winning and we will take the strong, coordinated actions necessary for victory.

To win, we will need to deploy our two biggest assets: Our our grassroots army and our grassroots-funded war chest.

By enlisting with Fight Back PAC, you’ve already joined our army. Now you are ready to be activated for action. Whether that’s canvassing, phone banking, distributing yard signs or taking other campaign-related activities, we encourage you to get involved locally in the fight to reclaim our country. We need you to bring your energy and ideas to this all-important area of engagement. Get involved. Volunteer to help your local leaders organize your community. We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines. At the same time, we can all chip in to our warchest to support promising candidates across the country–some big names, some you may never have heard of–who are the types of leaders we need to get our country back on track.

And there’s more that we can do, collectively, to wield big political power. Imagine if on the day of the marches, each marcher kicked in $5 or $10. That would have given us a massive war chest for political action. Too often, the deck is stacked against us. Big money special interests have rigged the game in their favor by flooding dark money into campaigns supporting candidates who will do their bidding. Every special interest from the Koch Brothers to the Christian Right to Big Oil have Super PACs they use to win elections. There is a Super PAC supporting Donald Trump that regularly runs deceptive ads trying to convince voters his policies are helping us. We know the truth: Every week, Trump rolls out another policy that hurts our families, whether it’s rolling back health care, curtailing clean air and water provisions, denying women access to birth control and tearing immigrant families apart.

But we are not powerless to let them get away with it. We can fight back by funding our own Super PAC, fueled by grassroots “small money” and dedicated to fighting for us—for candidates who align with our values and our priorities and against those candidates who would tear those policies and values down. And if we need to shine a spotlight on the true impact of those policies, we can do that, too.

But we need to start right now. If you can afford it, please kick in. If you can sign up for a recurring donation, that’s even better. Our $5, $10 and $20 “small money” contributions can add up—big time. And we’ll be able to flex our grassroots muscle in a truly revolutionary way. Imagine if we the people became a “special interest”! The politicians would have to pay attention.


Fight back


Fight back

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