Jul 14 2017

Fashion Bug Credit Card Payment #free #credit #reports #and #scores

#fashion bug credit card

Fashion Bug Credit Card Payment

Make your Fashion Bug Credit Card payment. Interested in the Fashion Bug credit card, but can not decide? I’m here to learn more about your options for payment by credit card? This guide covers everything you need to know about Fashion Bug Card the store itself, the terms of credit card rewards and conditions, and a section at the beginning to help owners make payments by Fashion Bug credit card .

Fashion Bug Credit Card Payment

WFNNB provide a service account online and flexible payment options for all customers credit card Fashion Bug. We suggest setting up an online account, because it allows you to manage your account, view transaction history, make payments on credit cards and many other things. You can register for the service online Fashion Bug account here, or you can access this link if you are registered.

You can pay your credit card bill also go to any store or Bug User affiliation – just walk to the counter of customer service. This link will take you to the Fashion Bug store locator. You can also pay by phone or by sending a check or money order to post – you need to access your online account, first to retrieve this information, or you can see on your statements coordinates.

If you have any questions, you can call 1-800-767-1309. The address of the customer service is World Financial Network Bank, PO Box 182273, Columbus, OH 43218. A full page of questions and answers to help you can do with the Fashion Bug credit card can be found here.

Fashion Bug

Fashion Bug is one of a group of retail stores owned by Charming Shoppes and brands more property, which specialize in providing high quality fashion clothing for women size off. Many customers are faithful to the diversity Fashion Bug clothing available, and credit card Fashion Bug can help customers save money and get more affordable for their loyalty.

Fashion Bug Credit Card Payment

This credit card is provided by WFNNB like many other store credit cards, and what you get in this way quite similar to others in the market for store cards. It should be noted that with this card you get savings opportunities and exclusive offers and events notice of future sales. There are some other rewards above them, and there is no point or something similar pattern to construct points in time, so this card does not come with much incentive to move frequently. However, it would be a good card to buy rare. Please note that the reward system was available, but now they make no mention of it on their website.

Those who seek Fashion Bug Credit Card Payment usually succeed if they have a good credit score means and the interest rate you get is not the lowest, but competitive enough. Standard APR for purchases is 24.99%. Late payment and returned payment fee is $ 35.

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