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Sep 8 2017

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Experian NOW

Get a Free Credit Report from Experian

Experian is one of three major credit bureaus in the US. The other two are TransUnion and Equifax. Each of these bureaus have their own proprietary and secure ways of calculating credit risk, but scores and reports from all three of them are generally fairly similar. In order to help you manage your debt and improve how potential lenders see you as a risk, you should get reports from at least one of these top bureaus.

Get a Free Credit Report from Experian

You have the right to see your credit report every year, and it really is a good idea to take advantage of this opportunity. These are two reasons to view your credit report:

  • You can learn how to improve your credit, so you have the best chance of getting accepted for loans and credit cards with reasonable rates.
  • You can make sure that you keep your credit good.

Who Needs an Experian NOW Credit Report?

You might be a person who always pays bills on time. You might not even have a lot of debt. The problem is that neither of these things can ensure that your credit report looks good to possible lenders.

Experian credit report access can help you in a few ways:

  • You can be sure that there are no errors on your report that are holding you back. These errors happen all the time, and they could be damaging your report.
  • You can learn what lenders will see when they decide to give you a loan. Having the exact information that they do gives you the chance to see what you can do to improve.

So you can see that you should get your report if your credit is poor, average, or excellent. In order to understand your report, it might help to understand some of the things that factor into your scores.

What to Know About Experian NOW Credit Reports

People with great credit usually do more than just pay their bills in a timely manner. They actually pay ahead to get debts eliminated before they are even due. I any case, they pay more than the minimum balance, and they never run up their credit card debts close to their maximum allowed balance.

People with average credit may do a good job of making timely payments. However, they may not pay any extra or make an effort to get debts paid off quickly. In fact, simply paying the minimum or letting your balance creep up can be major factors that keep you from having excellent credit even if you always pay on time.

People who suffer from poor credit may simply not have had time to establish any credit history at all. In other cases, they may have had some financial troubles that caused them to miss payments or even defaulted entirely on loans. Most lenders will not be eager to lend more money to people who have had credit problems until they get fixed.

How to Improve Your Credit Scores

One of the first things you should do in order to improve your credit is to get Experian NOW report access. Then carefully read your report and take these simple steps:

  • Read every entry to check for errors. You have the right to dispute errors with all of the bureaus, and they have to take your side if they cannot produce any proof that they were right.
  • Compare the amount you have borrowed with the total maximum allowed. If your balances have crept up, try to reduce your balances to below about thirty to forty percent of the maximum.
  • If you subscribe to a service, you might even get email or cell phone alerts. These can tell you any time that your report has changed or been checked.

Why Is Good Credit So Important?

You already probably know that all sorts of lenders check your credit before deciding to give you a loan. They could decline your loan if you have not managed your finances well. Even if they do give you a loan, they might charge you more. Over time, this could add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in extra payments.

Did you know that insurance companies have the right to charge more for customers with credit problems? It might be hard for average consumers to understand what auto insurance has to do with credit. But insurance companies make the case that people who are responsible about their credit also tend to make less claims on their policy, and they won the right to charge more based upon this factor.

How Do You Get an Experian NOW Credit Report?

Are you ready to begin improving your financial life? If so, why not request your own free Experian credit report as soon as possible? You may also sign up for a service at the same time. These services provide extra monitoring and alert features, and they might be helpful.

There is a modest monthly charge for the service, but you are allowed to cancel it at any time if you just want a credit report. Some people find the service useful, but others would rather keep track on their own and save some money. In the end, maintaining great credit can save you thousands of dollars, so it is worth a lot more than the very modest price of the service if it proves helpful to you.

Improve Your Credit Today!

In time, you may also want to request reports from other bureaus. This is especially true if you found errors with Experian. They might be duplicated everywhere, and you will need to dispute them with each individual company. However, it might be easier to just start with one company to learn the ropes.

Trying to improve your credit without a report is like trying to navigate around in pitch blackness. It is just about impossible. However, you don t have to work in the dark when you have the chance to get an Experian NOW credit report for free.

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