Apr 26 2017

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Covered auto transport trailer is the preferred method of shipping classic, sports and luxury automobiles.

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Enclosed Auto Transport Service

Transporting a vehicle is not a simple task, but with our help things cannot go wrong. Many people and companies ship vehicles across the US daily, and many choose covered auto transport trailers. This is a preferred method of transport for classic, sports and luxury automobiles. The owners of such cars want to preserve their condition and closed auto transport carrier provides the necessary protection. In fact, we understand that every vehicle is special and we always recommend enclosed trailer to our customers. Enclosed auto transport requires the right equipment and trained people to do the job. We know you have a choice when it comes to shipping a car and one of the best options is always enclosed auto transport. We work only with high safety rated carriers from across the country, and we can offer both hard sided and soft sided carriers to transport an automobile.

Most carriers are equipped with hydraulic lift gates to hold the vehicle horizontal while loading and unloading it. The carrier drivers have experience in handling high-end and classic automobiles. Enclosed trailers offer complete protection from elements. This is the safest method to transport a car.

When you are shipping an exotic vehicle or your project or antique automobile, for example, you deserve the best protection available. Corsia Logistics works with the best carriers nationwide all licensed and insured, reliable enclosed car shipping transporters. We can accommodate every demand for every precious vehicle when it comes to shipping it via an enclosed auto carrier. Moving a car is not like moving a couch, and we know how to handle this cargo with care. The whole process requires great coordination between agents, dispatchers and carriers – constant communication is the key efficiency element that will guarantee a job well done.

Covered auto transport services this is how it works.

1. Enclosed auto transporter comes to pick up your vehicle.

2. The driver completes vehicle inspection report first, before loading.

3. The driver loads and straps the vehicle down to the trailer, for secure transport.

4.  The enclosed trailer s automatic door closes and driver is on his way to delivery!

Every vehicle deserves reliable enclosed auto transport, and we provide it. Our agents will explain the process and give you peace of mind. Corsia Logistics has knowledgeable and professional team of car relocation coordinators who will communicate the process from start to end. Moreover, we offer realistic rates that will ship your vehicle. We always advice out customers to not be lured by low auto shipping rates because enclosed transport is not cheap and and it is important what is a realistic rate. We will be upfront with that and give you a correct quote, live from the national central dispatch board.

Realistic rates come only from professional enclosed auto transport companies.

We will not give you a low price just to make you book and then increase the rate, but please keep in mind that this is what many companies do. We will not give you the lowest rate, but rather the price that works and will ship your vehicle in a timely manner. Our advantage is our manual pricing we track the demand and supply situation daily and manually quote each rate. We take pride in always giving competitive and fair market rates because we are here to help you ship your vehicle, and we want to do our job not to play games and low ball a price and then call to ask you for more money. Corsia Logistics provides realistic rates – this means rates that are acceptable by the carriers. In this industry demand and supply is what ultimately determines the prices. Our rates we call the AA rates – affordable to the customer and acceptable by the trucker. In this industry one customer actually competes against other customers for a spot on the car carrier. When the demand is high the truck space is limited and this means that vehicles priced higher ship first. The fact that you may have booked your order a month in advance does not really matter because a higher paying vehicle may show up at any time and it will ship first. A good broker works hard to offer customers affordable rates, but also a fair pay to the trucker. Hitting this golden middle (the realistic price between the two extremes of a rate being too low or too high) is what guarantees a reliable auto transport service.

In the auto transport industry, just like in many other industries in the US, the majority of the business is handled by brokers who work very closely with carriers. This relation and the constant contact between carriers and brokers is what moves this industry. The brokers communicate the whole process to customers and arrange the service with the carriers whenever any of the sides needs something they call the broker. It is a very efficient system because a single company cannot service the entire country. Brokers work with dispatch boards to post their loads and carriers running this route call to inquire about the vehicle. A carrier always wants to fully load their trailer, but they are not going to take lower than a certain market price and that is why our AA rates always win.

Choosing the right company is the hardest part when it comes to transporting a vehicle, so, make sure you choose the company that does the job professionally. Enclosed auto shipping is a special kind of transport that not all companies offer and the percentage of enclosed carriers is a fraction of that of open in the country. That is why it is very important to track the demand an supply situation manually, on a daily basis, in order to give the most accurate rate. We do that and we provide customers with an outstanding service and reasonable enclosed car shipping cost.

To see enclosed auto transport in action check out our video of shipping a custom sports Porsche 911.

Should you have any questions please contact us via our contact form or call us at 818-850-5258. If you would like to get a quote over the phone instead of filling out the quote form, we will be more than happy to provide you with one. For any questions, please check our extensive car shipping questions section to learn more about the process. When you book your shipment check out a few tips about how to prepare your car for shipping posted on our blog and read our reviews to see what customers say about us. We are here to help you understand, book and schedule your enclosed car transport service and have peace of mind. Thank you!

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