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Feb 13 2018

Electron Cloud – Atomic Structure Seminar

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I’m here to learn about the history and the structure of the Atom. So far I think I have a good understanding of the subject, but I still haven’t gotten an answer as to how they came up with the entire concept of the Electron Cloud.

A good question. I do not blame you for asking. This answer is based in the research of a man named Werner Heisenberg, who created a theory called the Uncertainty Principle. To understand this, you must first learn the difference between Newtonian Physics and Quantum Physics. Do you know this already?

Newtonian physics is the physics that you are most likely familiar with. In Newtonian Physics, you can know or determine the location of a object by knowing it’s mass, it’s momentum, and other factors such as resistance. For example, take a cannonball being shot out of a cannon. You would know the mass and momentum of the cannonball, and the angle that the cannon shot the cannonball at. From that, you can determine it’s precise location. However, now consider Quantum Physics. In Quantum Physics, normal laws of Newtonian physics do not apply, and from that, we have Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, which states basically, that the more accurately a object’s momentum is known, the less it’s location at it’s given time is known, and vice versa. Therefore, you cannot determine the precise location of a Electron at any given time, and the best you can do is determine a area that the particle could be by probability. Thus us the electron cloud model.

Wow. That was so clear. Now I understand everything! No wonder why they call you the Draco-Genius. Thank you so much, Draco-Genius Niv!

So now young Norin’s quest is over. But you must answer one final question. It’s very simple.

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