Feb 14 2018

Electrical Contractor Change Order Estimating Software

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Change Orders

McCormick’s Change Order is a simple solution for knowing the exact status of all your change orders. Instantly identify how one or more change orders affect your bottom line.

  • Interfacing with McCormick’s estimating program or operate as a stand-alone module
  • Minimize rejections and expedite approval process
  • Organize and standardize all change orders
  • Single or multi-user
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Change order “Alerts”
  • Quick view area
  • Customizable screens
  • Auto or custom numbering
  • User definable reports

Alerts. So you don t forget.

Every change order has the option to be given an alert date. This alert date is a call for action. In alert mode, only the change order(s) that have been tagged for an alert will be visible. The Change Order Management alert feature can be set to come up automatically each time you enter the program or, can be accessed by pressing the ALERT” button on the bottom of the form.

Vertical layout. To keep things simple!

When setting up a new change order, information can be entered directly onto the change order “Top Page” or if you are more comfortable working down a list, just select “Details” and enter your data straight down your list. You make the choice!

Reports. Back up your change order with documentation!

McCormick’s Change Order System gives you the ability to use templates to build reports and letters. The template is the body of the letter; after choosing a letter, the rest of the information is automatically put in its place.

Standardize. To develop consistency!

By standardizing your change order process you will develop consistency and professionalism for your organization. Change Order for Windows Change order systems will quickly become an asset for you and your customer base.

Guaranteed Success.

Using estimating software from McCormick Systems will improve the way you do business. You will have the ability to quickly produce complete, accurate and consistent bids.
Just as important as an accurate bid is the ability to provide complete documentation. Complete documentation makes your organization look more professional, as proven every day by over 34,000 McCormick users worldwide. Our users include most of the top contractors in the industry. They all agree that McCormick Systems Estimating Programs increase their productivity, success, and their bottom line.

Take the Office with You.

McCormick Estimating Systems are designed to be compatible with desktop PCs, laptops, and tablet PCs, enabling you to work anywhere (especially at the job site).

The Database.

McCormick s database is the core of our estimating program. With this database, you can create detailed and accurate bids your way. Our database can store virtually unlimited amounts of items assemblies plus unlimited amounts of items assemblies to each job. Any assembly can contain unlimited items which can be taken off as a unit. Both items assemblies can be modified to fit your needs; it is easy to add, move, and edit them. Items assemblies contain user definable specification fields. As an example, Price 1 could be your cost, Price 2 your sell price and Price 3 could be a change order price. In addition, each item and each assembly can have its own unit price. We designed the database to be a productivity tool. By taking advantage of its powerful capabilities, you can increase your accuracy and cut your estimating time up to 75%.

Software Support/Training Classes

Important assets of McCormick Systems are the training classes. We have thousands of contractors from all across the Nation that attend our regularly scheduled classes at our training facilities in Arizona and Maryland. These classes are enjoyable and include hands on experience of a full run-through of an estimate with your estimating package. Furthermore, we can arrange a trainer to visit your facility and train your estimating staff onsite without the hassle and disruption of travel.

In addition to our training, another asset of McCormick Systems is our software support. All of our programs come with unlimited access to our support staff. Our tech support staff is highly trained with a minimum of 5 years with McCormick Systems. Their combined areas of expertise will assure that your questions, whatever they may be, are answered quickly.

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