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Easy Way Rent A Car

Kalamazoo, MI

Mar 31, 2010, 11:03 PM

I thought I would post a detailed review here since TA doesn t have a place for them. We rented a Dodge Attitude with full insurance for 7days. The agreed upon price was $314.00 USD. When we arrived at the airport we had no problem finding the Easy Way guy. He took all the bags my daughter and I were carrying he was polite and was very energetic. It was a nice welcome after getting through the airport. It did take a few minutes for the shuttle van to arrive but, it was not a big deal. At this point he loaded everything and we were off to the office.

When he pulled off the road we were a little confused and concerned. The building is accessed by an alley type lane that runs behind a gas station. Our first thought was that we were about to be mugged. Then we saw the rental company, between the concrete fence and huge iron gate, it looked like a run down military base. Again thought we might be in trouble. We were a little paranoid, all for nothing. The cars in the lot all appeared to be newer models and in good shape. The only exception one that had been in an accident (don t worry it couldn t be driven down the road if you tried.)

The inside of the office didn t go with the outside at all. It was clean, in good repair and had a leather coach with a couple of chairs. We were immediately offered drinks while we waited for the counter guy to finish up with the couple before us.

The contract had all information written in English and Spanish. This was nice because, I was a little concerned that I may not understand what it said. They did have a differnet rate written on it than was agreed to. I pointed it out and it was quickly changed. They did give us a free upgrade to a Nissan Tida for mentioning LG.

The car was clean and only had 7,000 miles on it. Most of the cars I have rented in the states haven t been as clean as this one was. It also got excellent gas milage. They moved our bags from the van to the car. I was surprised how large the trunk was.

I contacted them once during our trip and they were quick to get back with me. If you do get a ticket while renting a car they will send someone to pay it for you. So, don t let the threat of driving a few hours stop you from taking the ticket.

When we returned the car they didn t even bother to look it over. They simply jumped in the driver s seat and whisked us off to the airport. When we arrived he helped load our bags onto a luggage cart and gave us back the blank credit card receipt. Today we recieved our credit card statement and we were charged $314; the exact amount we agreed to. We were very happy with the overall experience and would rent from them again without a second thought. Sorry this is sooo long but, it is just seemed like I couldn t quite find what I was looking for when it came to information on rental cars.

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