Jun 12 2017

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Easy Terms/No Hassles

A Very Simple Concept.

You rent our home with an option to buy it at a later date at our agreed upon price. A portion of your rent each month goes toward the purchase price! Awesome.


Realtor Paul James from StCharlesRent explains Rent to Own this way on Zillow:

True “rent to own” is typically a lease agreement along with some option or right to buy the home in the future. It does not equate to immediate ownership. A recent phenomenon is the extension of the “Rent to Own” terminology to other forms of home acquisition such as Seller Financing, Seller Carry, Contract for Deed and Installment Land Contracts which in many cases do extend equitable interest in a property and in many respects allow the buyer to be deemed the owner for purposes of taxes and other benefits. As long as this lending constriction lasts, the “Rent to Own” and other creative solutions will be sought out by many and will provide the only viable path to home ownership.

I am self-employed and I try my best to minimize my tax liability with business tax deductions. I don’t show making much and I filed bankruptcy five years ago, so all the banks pretty much laughed in my face. I knew there had to be a way and Rent2OwnHomes was the answer to my prayers. – James M.

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