Eastern regional jail mugshots, erj mugshots, erj inmate search

Eastern regional jail mugshots, erj mugshots, erj inmate search

Find eastern regional jail mugshots directly online in West Virginia. Find mugshots, criminal records, arrest data, prole data, and more in WV

Eastern Regional Jail Mugshots

April 3, 2019 by Adam Smith

To lookup Eastern Regional Jail mugshots you would want to start your search by accessing the WV Division of Corrections website. From this point, anyone can start a search to find mugshots from either prisons or jails directly from that website. The website offers a way to search for the following types of inmates.

The Eastern Regional Jail has been opened since 1999, This particular facility serves Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan counties and is operated by the West Virginia Regional Jail Facility Authority.

Address of the Eastern Reginal Jail
94 Grapevine Road, Martinsburg, WV 25405

  • Daily incarcerations
  • Jail offender search
  • Prison offender search
  • Escapees and Absconders

When available someone that finds a match will have the opportunity to find and see Eastern Regional jail mugshots directly online.

Public Records Search

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How to perform Eastern Regional jail mugshots search directly online

Step one: Access the proper website here

Step two: Choose the type of offender search you want to search. Jails, prisons, escapes, etc . This will then prompt you to input a search parameter.

Keep in mind a few things. These types of records move very quickly. Inmates have moved around so information may not be completely updated or accurate. Even though the West Virginia Regional Jail and correctional facility work hard at keeping records up-to-date there are times that records may not be updated.

Step 3: Search parameters

Jail Search parameters

For searching jail mugshots you can search by a partial or full last name and an optional first name to start the search. See below.

Prisoner search parameters

Searching for prisoner mugshots is almost the same except that users can also search by offender IOD number. This is a unique ID number given to an inmate that can be searched. If you do not know this number you can still search by a first and last name. See below.

Results from your search

After you search and you find the person your looking for you will be presented with a results page. This page will have the following basic information.

  • Offender >prisoner if available
  • More info button

To view more information on the person simply click the “More Info” link to drill into the inmate to learn more about the person. Once you do so you will find more information on that person like a sentencing county, offenses that happened, location, hearing dates, parole information or release date, DOB, and more about the inmate.

Using the daily incarceration search for Eastern Regional Jail in WV to find inmate mugshots

There is also a daily incarceration search that can be done. Instead of searching by a name all that is needed is a county to be picked and you can search. The following information may show after you choose a county and the search results are displayed:

If a mugshot is available it may show on this page as well. Remember that this data changes extremely fast as well and there are times that this information may not be fully updated so keep this in mind.

Finding Eastern Regional Jail Mugshots by search services

Another way to find mugshot data online is to use a third-party search service. Not only can you find mugshot data but more historical records like a criminal, arrest warrants, court documents, contact information, and much more on someone in WV and across the United States with a single name search. These services are great time savers and are important when searching for public record data online. When used properly they can be great tools to uncover public information about someone.

Either method above should allow anyone the chance to find perform and find Eastern Regional Jail Mugshots online with just a first and last name.

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Eastern regional jail mugshots

Eastern regional jail mugshots


Eastern regional jail mugshots, erj mugshots, erj inmate search

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