Aug 7 2017

DSA Factors – Invoice & Accounts Receivable Factoring – Money to Make Your Company Grow #new #york #factoring #companies


Partner with an experienced factor who offers first-class service

No order is too small or too big

If you have receivables, we can work with your company

Ready to start factoring today?

DSA Factors works with a wide range of industries.

How Factoring Works

Approval Request

Submit your orders for approval here on our web site. Most orders are approved instantly online, but for those that aren’t we will try to get back to you within 30 minutes. We never look for a reason to turn down your accounts, instead we look for reasons to approve them. We are very proud that our approval rate is over 95%.

Ship & Invoice

Once you have an approval number you can go ahead and ship out the merchandise or perform the service. At the same time you should send us a copy of the invoice and backup documents. You will also need to send an invoice to your customer with our assignment stamp on it.


As soon as DSA receives the invoices we will process them and send you the funds within 24 hours. DSA fully manages the receivables including making the collection calls and supplying you with weekly aging statements of your accounts. Our non-recourse factoring means that you are not responsible if a customer can’t pay for financial reasons.

Cash-flow is the lifeline of any business. When the majority of capital is tied up in receivables and inventory it becomes increasingly difficult to make ends meet. DSA has become our company’s lifeline in our time of growth. We have used other factors, but DSA truly understands our business and works as a partner with us.

DSA’s commitment to success is outstanding. Knowing that someone is managing your receivables on a daily basis in a professional and respectable manner, while most importantly keeping in contact with you is priceless.

Working with DSA gives a small company like mine real financial momentum. Now I can focus on the bigger picture of growing my business instead of chasing accounts that are past due.

DSA turns accounts receivables into instant cash flow. They have proven to be a trustworthy, reliable partner that can be depended upon for prompt, efficient, and courteous service. DSA handles all the collection of our invoices in a very professional and efficient manner. Their fixed rate fee eliminates typical hidden costs and additional interest items other factoring companies charge.

In a matter of months the relationship developed with your team has rendered me the confidence to pursue and accept assignments that would have been challenging due to funding capabilities. Your organization has demonstrated the kind of support that can take an average business to new heights. We are doing GREAT since you came alongside us, I cannot thank you and your team enough. Truly grateful.

What is Factoring?

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