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May 20 2017

Dollar Rent A Car – 16 Photos – Car Rental – The Loop – Chicago, IL – Reviews #car #dolly

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three stars for effort and a story that ends well, but if it hadn t, it would barely make 2.

so we arrived at O Hare after a long journey of more than 25h, with an email indicating fully-paid booking of a SUV for our time in the windy and dairy cities of the US of A.

a shuttle to the pick-up centre, and we arrived at an old office with just enough air-conditioning to keep the heat at a doze-inducing but not uncomfortable temperature. but one-point-five hours of sitting (pity those who were later than us and didn t get seats) and all we were told was that they had no car for us, and we would have to wait a night before going the next day to hopefully pick up a car.

but, I have an Asian mother who certainly represents the best of the Tiger breed, and she negotiated (or battered, depending on which side you re on) until the manager went next door to Hertz and got us a car at their own expense. and I know it was definitely more than we had paid for dollar, which was really quite good value.

we definitely weren t the only ones there with this issue – I heard at least two more families with the same issue (what else to do but eavesdrop when there s no wifi), and this was in a space of 4-5hours.

after dealing with my mother, the lady at the counter (and it must be said that she and the manager provided decent service in dealing with the mix-up) said hallelujah, she s leaving! – and yes, after nearly 5 hours, we finally managed to.

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